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Canada is the second largest country in the world, making it a big tourist destination. From coast to coast, travelers can expect bustling cities as well as breathtaking natural scenery. The question is, where do you start in planning your trip to the northern country? We’ve got 10 Canadian destinations you need to have on your trip itinerary.

1. Niagara Falls
No trip to Canada would be complete without a trip to Canada’s most famous natural attractions. Niagara Falls attracts millions of visitors each year and is just along the American border, featuring approximately 57 feet of massive falls.

2. Vieux-Quebec (Old Quebec)
Spread across the upper and lower town of Quebec, Vieux-Quebec is home to the city’s most historic buildings. You’ll find the original settlement and home of the Cheateau Frontenac in the lower town, and the iconic Place d’Armes, Parque Historique de L’artillerie and Citadel in upper town.

3. Parliament Hill in Ottawa
Enjoy the Neo-Gothic style of Ottawa’s Parliament Hill which overlooks the Ottawa River. You’ll enjoy seeing the changing of the guard which takes place on the front lawn of the House of Parliament during good weather.

4. Whistler
For those who love mountains, snow and skiing, the village of Whistler is a must for your itinerary. It’s a two hour drive from Vancouver and home to a famous ski resort, featured prominently in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. During the summer Whistler becomes a tourist destination for those looking to golf and mountain bike.

5. Stanley Park
Stanley Park is to Vancouver what Central Park is to New York City. 405-hectares on the west side of downtown Vancouver, the park features an extensive running, walking, a biking path fit for both walkers and those that are more active. Families will want to pay a visit to the park especially as it’s home to the Vancouver Aquarium, Stanley Park Pavilion and Rose Garden, and Beaver Lake.

6. Gros Morne National Park
Located in Newfoundland, this park features beautiful waterfalls, cliff walls and rock formations shaped by glacier-fed waters. To get the full experience of this remote national park, it’s recommended that you take a boat tour in order to fully take in the scenery.

7. Toronto
Toronto is the most populated city in Canada and also holds the title of being one of the largest cities in all of North America. Just like New York City, Los Angeles, and other large cities, Toronto has its own Chinatown, Little India and Little Italy, stemming from its cultural diverse population.

8. Montreal
For those Francophiles, you’ll love Canada’s second largest city, Montreal. It’s home to the largest French-speaking population outside of Paris, France. If you love big cities, you’ll enjoy trekking through this metropolis’ downtown and entertainment districts, as well as its historic quarter and distinctive neighborhoods.

9. Glacier Skywalk
Located at Jasper National Park in Alberta, this glass-bottomed promenade is a semi-circular walkway that jets out from a cliff wall. As you’re walking along the glass promenade you’ll get breathtaking views of the scenic Sunwapta Valley 280 meters below.

10. Vulcan, Alberta
If you’re a fan of the Star Trek series, you’ll want to plan a trip to the prairies of Alberta where you’ll stumble upon the town of Vulcan. Capitalizing from sharing a name with the home planet to Star Trek’s famous Spock character, Vulcan has become a Star Trek fan tourist attraction. It features a Star Trek-themed tourist station that’s home to Star Trek memorabilia, a replica of the Enterprise from the movies and huge conventions.

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