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Most of us can only dream about pulling off the stunts X Gamers do, or we actually try it and end up in the hospital with a few broken bones and a smashed-up face. The good news is that these stunts are doable … to an extent. We’ve compiled a list of extreme sports you can try this summer to face your fears. For those who seek danger and excitement, we salute you.

Dirt biking – Mauimoto Adventures
There are many places across the U.S. that offer exciting dirt bike tours, but why not go for broke and do it in Hawaii, where, if you take a big spill, at least you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of a lush and tropical forest? The Haleakala ride, however, takes you 10,000 feet up a dormant volcano, so if you fall here it may be a little more uncomfortable. Thankfully, all your gear and protection is provided along with food and drinks. And if you want to really impress your bored friends back home, you can rent a GoPro for the day and post it all over social media. One thing to keep in mind before booking your trip is that you are required to have a valid motorcycle license, and it’s recommended that you have off-road experience, so start practicing now!

Mauimoto Adventures
375 W. Kuiaha Road #34
Haiku, HI 96708
(808) 419-8525


Rock climbing – Sylvan Rocks Climbing School
For those who have visited Devils Tower, you can understand the awe that overtakes you when you first see it looming on the horizon. It looks so out of place, so otherworldly. You can also understand the intense desire to climb it that overcomes you as you stand at the base of this 867-foot rock. Well, you can. With Sylvan Rocks Climbing School you spend the first day of your two-day adventure building your skills and practicing. On the second day you meet your guide as early as 4 a.m. and then scale the beast on one of the 150 established routes to the top. If you’re on the very inexperienced side, you can do a three-day adventure where the first two days are spent practicing. And if climbing this laccolithic butte doesn’t give you enough of an adrenaline rush, then Sylvan Rocks can also take you climbing in Custer State Park and around our presidents’ faces at Mount Rushmore.

Sylvan Rocks Climbing School
(605) 484-7585


Skateboarding – Go Skate
Skateboarding looks easy enough from a casual observer’s perspective—that is until you actually get on that wobbly little piece of wood and try to move. Riding it down a slightly sloping street is hard enough; try doing a 360 flip and you’ll find yourself hugging the cold, hard cement. That’s where Go Skate comes in. They have over 5,100 certified instructors who will come to you, wherever you are, and teach you as much or as little as you want to learn. Don’t have equipment? You can rent everything you need for $25 a day. And if you’re wondering whether you’re too old or too young, they’ve taught 3-year-olds, 90-year-olds, and the government of Ireland.

Go Skate
(800) 403-2405


Mountain biking – Adventure Cycling Association
Mountain biking is probably the easiest of these five extreme activities to partake in, but that also depends on where you do your riding. You can bike anything from a nice 10-mile trip on an asphalt forest road to the 790-mile Arizona Trail, which boasts some extremely technical and rough stretches that even the Adventure Cycling website advises is best left to hikers. And if you’re looking for advice on how to become an adventure cyclist, this website has it all, including a guided tour finder and bike and route reviews.

Adventure Cycling Association
(800) 611-8687


Surfing – WB Surf Camp
Surfing is a sport that so many wish they could do, and do well, but have no idea how or have never gotten around to trying. The immense peace that washes over you as you catch the perfect wave is not easily rivaled, but neither is the intense fear you feel as you fall into the raging water positive there are sharks circling you. WB Surf Camp understands, so they offer a week-long surf vacation for adults to the British Virgin Islands. Here you can escape worries, children and work as you learn how to surf at your own pace, surrounded by the immense beauty of the island and the support of new friends. And if you do well, they even offer a moonlit dinner on a private island.

WB Surf Camp
222 Causeway Drive
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
(866) 844-7873

Our favorite surfing spots in the United States:

  1. Haleiwa, Hawaii
  2. Paia, Hawaii
  3. Malibu, California
  4. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
  5. Montauk, New York


Are these adrenaline activities not doing it for you? Alright, let’s go a little more extreme.

Fly a plane in Las Vegas: Ever wanted to be a fighter pilot? Well, Sky Combat Ace tells you to stop dreaming and to climb aboard your very own stunt plane. The Top Gun Experience lets you fly the plane through a complete aerobatic routine. Oh, and no experience is necessary.  


Bobsled an Olympic course in Utah: For only $175 you can hop on a bobsled and speed down the 2002 Olympic track with a professional pilot from Comet Bobsled. Admit it, you’ve wanted to try bobsledding ever since seeing the Jamaican bobsled team do it in Cool Runnings.


Drive a tank in Minnesota: Do we really need to explain this further? You get to drive a tank! And if that isn’t cool enough, you have the option to also drive your tank over a car, two cars, or through a house. You’ll also get to fire machine guns with a rate of 1,200 rounds a minute.


*Rock climbing photo courtesy of Krzysztof Gorny,

*Sky Combat Ace photo is courtesy of Sky Combat Ace

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