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Nothing pairs better with most cigars than a good whiskey and there’s a new whiskey from Wild Turkey that you’ll want to add to your collection. Wild Turkey has revealed that its new release, Rare Breed Rye, will be a permanent expression within its portfolio, rounding out Wild Turkey’s rye whisky portfolio.

Rare Breed Rye is a blend of four, six, and eight-year-old non-chill filtered rye and is barrel-proof, meaning its bottled directly from barrels without a single drop of water being added to it. Wild Turkey’s Rye Breed Rye can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails and is 112.2 proof with notes of sweet caramel apple that gives way to complex layers of honey, vanilla, rye grain price, and charred oak. Rare Breed Rye ends with smooth finish where spices mingle with fruit and pleasant fading warmth. This release comes as the demand for rye whiskey appears to be on the increase, up 15 percent according to a 2019 Discus Economic Report.

“At a time when rye whiskey is more widely appreciated than ever before, Wild Turkey continues our longstanding tradition of offering a wide range of rye whiskies that lend themselves to a variety of cocktails and consumption occasions,” says Eddie Russell, Master Distiller. “As a rye aficionado himself, my son Bruce Russell was the catalyst for reminding me of the distillery’s relationship with rye whiskey and the value it plays within our portfolio. It’s with him and other rye fans in mind that we introduce Rare Breed Rye.”

Rare Breed Rye will cost $59.99 per bottle and will be available at select retailers in the U.S. For all the latest news from Wild Turkey, visit

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