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In Commerce City, Colorado, Tal Fishman is on a mission—he wants to change how you think about and enjoy your cup of joe. Fishman is founder and owner of Whiskey Barrel Coffee, a small-batch roasted coffee brand based in Colorado. The goal of Whiskey Barrel Coffee isn’t to create a flavored coffee, but to create the filet mignon of coffee, both in terms of quality and the experience created by consuming it. After more than two years of refining and perfecting the process of aging coffee in bourbon barrels, Fishman believes he has done just that.

“Whiskey Barrel Coffee is your evening coffee. It’s a coffee to enjoy with your friends and family and really bring coffee back to the table as a piece of conversation. That, for me, is what coffee is about,” he explains. “We’d like to bring coffee back as a friend and family thing, as something enjoyed after dinner—really sitting down and enjoying the environment or the atmosphere that the coffee creates.”

Much like how there are barrel-aged cigars, Whiskey Barrel Coffee relies on bourbon barrels for its distinctive flavor. White oak bourbon barrels are perfect for aging because a fresh, charred barrel that has had bourbon in it for at least two years adds and infuses a flavor into its contents—in this case, high quality green coffee beans—that is the essence of a finished bourbon and can’t easily be replicated otherwise.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee is also the only company to source and blend coffee beans specifically for barrel aging. Similar to how many cigars are created, a lot of thought goes into the coffee’s blend. If you’re a fan of seek out quality cigars, it’s time you start seeking out only the best in terms of coffee. Whiskey Barrel Coffee isn’t for those on the go or in a rush—it’s made to be enjoyed in your leisure amongst friends or in times of reflection and relaxation. Rediscover your cup of joe, and let this small company out of Colorado redefine what coffee means to you.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee
4980 Monaco St., Suite F
Commerce City, CO 80022
(303) 853-9000

Photos courtesy of Whiskey Barrel Coffee.

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