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Fratello Inverso Shipped Monday

fratello inverso cigar news

Omar de Frias, owner of Fratello Cigars, is proud to announce that Navetta Inverso is now in stores.

Meaning “Inverse shuttle” in Italian, Navetta Inverso was introduced at the 2018 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show in July. Blended with a Nicaraguan wrapper, Ecuador binder and Dominican and Nicaragua filler, Inverso is rich in flavor and full in body.

Navetta Inverso will be featured in 3 vitolas:

Corona Gorda: 5 7/8 x 46 – $9.50
Robusto: 5 1/2 x 54 – $11.25
Toro Grande: 6 1/4 x 54 – $12.50

BLTC Releases Santa Muerte

Black label santa muerte cigar news

Black Label Trading Company (BLTC) is pleased to announce the annual release of Santa Muerte: hand-crafted in Esteli, Nicaragua at BLTC’s own factory, Fabrica Oveja Negra.

“We have gone out of the box with Santa Muerte,” says James Brown, creator of BLTC. “Although it doesn’t pack the punch of most of our limited editions, Santa Muerte is an extremely complex smoke. It features Broadleaf, San Andres, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco among the six filler tobaccos. You experience layer upon layer of coffee, malt, spice and cocoa. As the name suggests, there is a Day of the Dead tribute to honor those we have lost.”

Santa Muerte is shipping to select retailers this week.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Binder: Ecuador Habano
Filler: Nicaragua / Dominican / Mexico / USA
Corona Gorda: 5 1/2 x 48 (20 count) – $10.00
Short Robusto: 4 3/4 x 52 (20 count) – $10.00

INCH Ringmaster from EP Carrillo Ships Nov.5

ep carrillo inch ringmaster cigar news

From the same legendary brand that brought you La Historia, Encore and INCH Cigars, E.P. Carrillo now proudly presents INCH Ringmaster! Featuring a blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobacco the deep, dark-colored wrapper hints at the depth and complexity of flavor, while the woodsy aroma tells you it will be a slow, subtle burn with a smooth finish. Smooth creamy smoke with a distinctive flavor profile defines this new INCH cigar.

A lusciously smooth draw and a full mouth of balanced creamy smoke is what makes big-ring-gauge cigar smoking so unforgettably satisfying. It’s also why only a master blender like Ernesto Perez-Carrillo could bring the subtle tone and smooth flavor of a smaller cigar in a boldly sized 64-ring gauge that brings big-time enjoyment to any and every cigar smoking occasion.

Made to captivate the eye as well as the palate, this masterfully-blended experience casts a spotlight on the rich tradition of quality and creativity that has defined Carrillo Cigars since the start.

The Ringmaster comes in two sizes, 5 3/8 x 64 and 6 1/2 x 64.

Davidoff Year of the Pig

davidoff year of the pig cigar news

For the Seventh time Davidoff Cigars has crafted a unique cigar to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

To delight the palates of aficionados around the globe, Davidoff Cigars celebrates the Chinese Year of the Pig with exclusive Limited Edition cigars and accessories. 2019 marks the Year of the Pig, a year that celebrates luck and wealth of the zodiac sign, the Pig, known for its compassionate and generous nature. Those born in this year have a natural talent for success, and being around them is potentially as good for your fortunes as for your spirits. When a Pig is in the room, the atmosphere brightens –just as it does when lighting a fine Davidoff cigar.

The impressive pig tailed Gran Toro cigar fittingly celebrates the Chinese New Year with the Pig’s almost pig-headed determination to pursue a goal of prize. Once they identify their destination, Pigs will always find a way to complete their journey. They are also loyal and tend to form strong and lasting friendships. If you’re lucky enough to be friends with a Pig, they will happily share what is theirs: from their luck,to a good story, a bottle of something fine and delicious, to an exquisite cigar from this exclusive Davidoff limited edition.

The Year of the Pig cigars

The Gran Toro 6 x 56 format with its proud pigtail is wrapped in a shiny and oily Habano 2000 wrapper from Ecuador, and first develops into creamy notes of pepper and oak wood once lit. The Negro San Andrés binder from Mexico and well-aged filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic create a sophisticated, complex and flavorful blend. Notes of leather, pepper, roasted hazelnuts, oak wood and fresh spices not only delight the palate,but are also perfectly suited to please the big-hearted, determined personality of the Pig.

The special edition is limited to 9,300 boxes worldwide, and comprises of ten Gran Toro cigars presented in a prestigious, opulently lacquered Asian-inspired red box, sure to become an instant collectible. The Pig is represented by a simple and elegant graphic icon executed in gold. Inside the box is a paper insert with the Year of the Pig story.

The Year of the Pig Limited Edition is the perfect gift for anyone wishing to celebrate Chinese New Year with a cigar.

Wrapper: “Habano 2000” from Ecuador
Binder: Negro San Andres from Mexico
Filler: Estelí Ligero, Condega Seco tobaccos from Nicaragua. Piloto Visus, Hybrid Olor/Piloto Visus and Piloto Seco tobaccos from the Dominican Republic
Format: Gran Toro 6 x 56 with pigtail
MSRP: $39.00 per cigar

The Year of the Pig ashtray

davidoff year of the pig cigar news
Inspired by the Pig’s voluptuous curves, the Italian made round aluminium ashtray is enclosed with vibrant, grained, red leather to strikingly contrast the ashtray’s rich mocha color. In keeping with the Pig’s generous nature, the ashtray has a steady holder for two cigars. The Davidoff logo is engraved on the metal and it comes in a limited numbered edition of 300 pieces.

MSRP: $395
Launch & Availability: From November 2018, the Davidoff Year of the Pig Limited Edition cigars and accessories will be available at select Davidoff Appointed Merchants and Flagship Stores in the United States.

New Davidoff Travel Humidors

davidoff travel humidor cigar news

Whether the gift is for yourself or another cigar aficionado, the new Davidoff Travel humidor models – Business and “Davidoff of Geneva since 1911” Stores Exclusive – will please every cigar aficionado on the move with their stylish high-performance cigar care.

The selection of lightweight materials, the smart tray engineered exclusively for keeping cigars protected as well as the innovative welding techniques engineered to lock in humidity make the Davidoff Travel humidor the epitome of cigar care on the road. Optimizing further, the new Davidoff Travel humidors now include a 2-way humidity device by Boveda to ensure cigars are kept at their best during up to 45 days.

“With the Davidoff Travel humidor, we not only reinvent the way cigar aficionados can bring cigars on their travel, we also do it with Davidoff’s iconic elegance and style. By expanding the line and partnering with Boveda, we offer aficionados the best, most convenient and protective solution for travelling with cigars” explains Claire Richert, Product Innovation Manager Accessories at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Davidoff Travel humidor

The knitted jacquard fabric is a reinterpretation of modern tweed for a stylish and elegant look. Equipped with a handy, black leather strap that helps carry the humidor, it has the formal elegance of a business suit.

Davidoff Travel humidor “Davidoff of Geneva since 1911” Stores Exclusive

davidoff travel humidor cigar news

As a tribute to the Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 stores & cigar lounges, the Davidoff Travel humidor “Davidoff of Geneva since 1911” Stores Exclusive is inspired by the cozy, sophisticated and modern atmosphere aficionados experience in these destinations of choice. The beige Tuscany fabric and the brown, recycled bonded leather are evocative of the comfortable lounge chairs, while the orange fabric accents adds the stylish twist that makes this humidor particularly sleek. These limited and numbered Travel humidors are only available in Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 stores across the world.

Launch & Availability

The Davidoff Travel Humidors Business and “Davidoff of Geneva since 1911” Stores Exclusive will be launched globally starting in October 2018 (launch dates may vary depending on countries).

Drew Newman Addresses the FDA

newman fda cigar news

Drew Newman, J.C. Newman’s general counsel, and a fourth-generation cigar maker, was invited to address the FDA on behalf of the premium cigar industry and respond to questions from the audience. Below is Newman’s opening remark:

“Good afternoon, my name is Drew Newman.  In 1895, my great-grandfather, J.C. Newman founded our family business.  Four generations and 123 years later, we are the oldest, family-owned, premium cigar company in America.

My family rolls premium cigars in our historic cigar factory in Tampa, Florida using hand-operated, antique, semi-automated machines.  We also roll cigars by hand in Nicaragua.  Many of you have visited our cigar factory in the Ybor City National Historic Landmark District in Tampa, but if you haven’t, please come by.  My father, uncle, and I would love to show you how we roll premium cigars in America.

If you are not familiar with premium cigars, they are all natural, handcrafted products.  We roll them the same way that my great-grandfather did 100 years ago – the process has literally been the same for a more than a century.

We sell our premium cigars to 3,000 specialty retailers across the country.  These are mom-and-pop, small family businesses with just a handful of employees.  If you’ve never seen how premium cigars are sold, there’s a store called Signature Cigars a half-mile down the road.

Premium cigars are just 3% of the cigar industry and just one half of one percent of the tobacco industry as a whole.  We are a tiny sliver of the tobacco world.  The premium cigar industry is made up of old, family-owned businesses just like ours.

When someone asks me about premium cigars, I often compare them to fine wines, because the process is remarkably similar.  Just as the soil, sunlight, wind, and rain cause a Merlot grape grown in France to taste different from the same Merlot grape grown in California, the same is true of premium cigar tobacco.  As with wines, certain vintages or years are known to be better than others; the same is true with premium cigar tobacco.  And just as aging red wines makes them better, the same is true for premium cigars as well.  Like old world French winemakers who blend together different grape varietals to create unique tasting wines, as cigar makers, we do the exact same thing with premium cigar tobacco.  We harness the natural variation in premium cigar tobaccos to make interesting blends with limited production, low-volume runs, just like winemakers do with grapes.  None of this is standardized.  None of this is written down.  None of this is formulaic.  It is not a science.  It’s an art, and the tradition has been passed down from generation to generation.

Patterns of use for premium cigars are also distinct from other products.  Recent PATH study data show that the typical premium cigar consumer smokes just 1.7 cigars per month; 97% of premium cigar consumers smoke cigars exclusively, and the same 97% smoke fewer than one cigar per day; and there is no statistically significant use of premium cigars by youth.

My point here is that premium cigars are an old-world, handmade craft enjoyed by adults.  This is why we are very worried about FDA regulation.

  • For example, a year from now our HPHC reports are due, yet no premium cigar company knows what to do.  Given that premium cigars come in thousands of shapes and sizes, how are we supposed to test them?  What are we testing for?  There is no standardized process for testing premium cigars.
  • We are even more worried about SE reports.  There are tens of thousands SKUs of premium cigars sold today and no one knows how to file a SE report for them.  The guidance we have so far received is completely unworkable for handmade cigars.

For this reason, we are very grateful for the agency’s compliance policies – which are giving both the agency and the industry the breathing room to figure out what to do.  We are also very grateful that Commissioner Gottlieb, Director Zeller, Dr. Holman, and CTP staff have recognized that there is a broad spectrum of tobacco products and that regulation needs to be tailored to each product category.  More work is needed.  We continue to need guidance for premium cigars.

In conclusion, as the only speaker here at the conference from the premium cigar world, I ask you to please not overlook our traditional, handcrafted segment of the cigar industry – again just 0.5% of the tobacco industry.  Premium cigars are very different.  If you want to hear more about premium cigars, please let me know.  I’d love to talk.  My email address is And please come and visit our historic premium cigar factory in Tampa. Our one goal as a family business is to continue my great-grandfather’s legacy and continue hand rolling premium cigars in America for another four generations and 123 years.”

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