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Warped is known for its cigars but it is also starting to make a name for itself in the world of pipe tobacco. Warped Cigars’ founder and president, Kyle Gellis, and Jeremy Reeves, head blender of Cornell & Diehl, have joined forces on a pipe tobacco blend, The Haunting.

The Haunting was first released in October 2019 and is making a big return for 2020. The Haunting is a blend that consists of fine Virginia tobaccos and AA trade Dominican Criollo cigar leaf, the same varietal that Wrapped uses in many of its main cigar lines. The Haunting is the first Warped-branded pipe tobacco and was blended according to Gellis’ strict standards, quality components and nuances flavors.

Unique other cigar leaf-based pipe tobaccos that typically contain Latakia, The Haunting consists primarily of cigar leaf and Virginia tobaccos that features appealing cigar noes and complementary sweetness found in Virginian tobaccos. The blend bridges the gap between cigars and pipes, catering to cigar and pipe smokers alike. The Haunting aligns with and carries out Warped’s mantra of “be exclusively different.”

The Haunting can be purchased by clicking here. For all the latest news from Warped Cigars, visit

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