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Tristan Lee Cigars, a company owned by Jason Armstrong, CEO of Den of Thieves Whiskey, has announced the upcoming launch of two new cigar releases.

Tristan Lee Cigars’ Reserva is described as a delicate formulation of five different Nicaraguan premium tobaccos. The Reserva has an Oscuro wrapper grown in Nicaragua from Pennsylvania Oscuro and Habana seeds. The leaf used for the wrapper was primed (picked) from the lower levels of the cigar plant. Armstrong describes the Reserva as having an abundance of flavor and notes of dark chocolate.

The Especiale is a medium to full-bodied cigar aged for 15 years and triple fermented, giving the cigar an overall smooth smoking experience. During the third fermentation, the wrapper leaf is aged in oak fired whiskey barrels for three months, giving the Especiale a unique flavor profile that includes notes of roasted cocoa along with a woodsy, deep dark oak flavor. The Especiale, presented as a torpedo, finishes with silky smooth espresso and dark fruit notes and remains cool throughout the smoke.

When speaking about these new releases, Armstrong commented that “they were created especially to pair with our company’s spirits, which include a 5 year old bourbon, a vanilla/ginger infused bourbon, a chocolate bourbon, an 8-year-old 90 proof bourbon as well as a banana honey whiskey being released in the spring.”

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