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Cuba With the recent changes in diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, all Americans can now legally travel to Cuba with fewer restrictions. Previously, the travel ban allowed only those on religious and educational trips and those taking part in cultural groups to legally visit Cuba with explicit permission from the U.S. State Department. Now Americans can travel to Cuba as long as they take part in tours to the island nation that encourage people-to-people contact.

While Americans still can’t simply book a flight to Cuba, there are ways for you to travel there and have a memorable experience. Some Americans have traveled to Cuba illegally over the years by booking flights to other countries and flying into Cuba through them. While this may seem like a good idea, be aware that doing this puts you in danger.

If you are caught illegally traveling to Cuba you could face hefty fines and a not-so-pleasant experience trying to clear U.S. customs. There is also no U.S. embassy established yet in Cuba so if you get into trouble while visiting you won’t get any help from them. Also, Cuba’s government is different so some of the freedoms and rights you’re accustomed to as a U.S. citizen don’t exist there. Credit and debit cards issued by U.S. banks will not work in Cuba and using cash or travelers checks will mean that you’ll need to convert your money into Cuban pesos, a parallel currency to normal pesos that will make your trip even more expensive.

Keep in mind that if you live outside the States, you may not face the same traveling restrictions described above.

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Meliá Cohíba

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