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Whenever a holiday like Father’s Day comes around, there are plenty of lists put out each year that hype the latest gadget, accessory or source of entertainment but let’s face it–if you have a cigar smoker in your family or group of friends, the gift of a great cigar is simply unmatched. You could easily go to your local tobacconist and buy a couple cigars but for those that want to take a lot of the guesswork out or want to give a gift that keeps giving, a monthly cigar subscription could be the ultimate gift.

There are plenty of Cigar of the Month subscriptions to choose from so for those looking to either get one for themselves or as a gift, where do you start? We’ve combed the internet and social media for some of the best subscription services to fit your needs, whether you’re looking for rare cigars or a curated collection of the absolute best cigars to hit the market, here’s several monthly cigar subscription options for you to consider:

Monthly Cigar Subscription Options |
Price: $26.99 to $39.99
If you worry about spending your money on a subscription that may give you cigars you won’t like, may be your best bet. The subscription process is much like talking with your local tobacconist as you’re presented with several questions to answer that will help you find the best subscription offer for you. At the end of the survey, has a better idea of what type of cigars you’re going to enjoy and will offer you two subscription tiers to choose from: three cigars per month for $26.99 or five cigars a month for $39.99. With its customizable features, will help you stock up on cigars you’ll enjoy for a reasonable price.

Cigars International Cigar of the Month Club
Price: $19.95 to $29.95
If you like options, then Cigars International’s Cigar of the Month Club may be for you. Choose between to “club” levels– the Original Club comes with 4 cigars a month priced at $19.95 per month. There’s also a Double Decker club option that ups the ante to 8 cigars a month for just $29.95 a month. For both subscription tiers you have the option of paying month-to-month, or 3, 6, and 12-months in advance. Each month will include a selection of premium handmade cigars from some well-known brands including Rocky Patel, Macanudo, Romeo y Julieta, Tatuaje, Cohiba and La Gloria Cubana, to name a few. Members will receive an exclusive member newsletter, special members-only discounts and a free cigar cutter included in your first month’s box.

Luxury Cigar Club
Price: $39.95 to $150
Luxury Cigar Club offers three subscription levels–Gold Subscription ($39.95), Platinum Subscription ($50.95) and Diamond Subscription ($150). The Gold Subscription level will give you three hand-picked cigars from well-known cigar brands and cigar makers. Each box contains information on each cigar as well as background information on the manufacturer. The Platinum Subscription will give you five cigars and the occasional freebie or bonus release. The Diamond Subscription is the highest subscription level but with it you will receive a varying number of cigars each month that could include limited edition, aged or low-production cigars that most cigar enthusiasts will not have had access to.

Monthly Cigar Subscription Options | Privada Cigar ClubPrivada Cigar Club
Price: $25.99
Privada Cigar Club focuses on rare and aged cigars for its monthly private club. The company spends money on acquiring cigars from private estate sales, private collections, and auctions. The company puts a new spin on the subscription model by marketing itself as a company that doesn’t sell cigars but instead collects dues that allows it to go out and purchase rare and hard-to-find cigars for its members to receive on a monthly basis. If you’re looking for premium-quality cigars offered at less-than-market-value prices, Privada could definitely be the answer to your prayers. Each month you’ll receive three premium cigars with the basic membership. For members, there’s also another subscription offer, Farm Rolled, a $20 subscription that comes with four ultra premium cigars handcrafted a factory and delivered straight to your door.

Smoke Inn Cigar of the Month Club
Price: $29.95
Often lauded for its high-quality selection, Smoke Inn’s Cigar of the Month Club is a deal that may be hard to pass up. Smoke Inn’s Cigar of the Month Club features a selection of a five hand-curated premium cigars. All you have to do is choose the term length for your subscription–a month, 3 months, 6 months–and watch for them to appear in your mailbox each month. These cigars are handpicked by Smoke Inn and Kiss My Ash host Abe Dababneh and will include only premium brands, meaning you don’t have to worry about receiving unknown or mystery brands that don’t have a track record or history of topping the top cigar lists each year. The service also is easily manageable, meaning you can turn it on or off to adjust to your financial or travel schedule and are not contractually obligated or locked-in to it long-term.

Monthly Cigar Subscription Options | Southern Cigar Co.Southern Cigar Co.
Price: $37.95 to $39.95
The price you’ll pay for Southern Cigar Co.’s subscription price is based on how far out you’re willing to pay for your subscription. This company offers a month-to-month option for $39.95, 3-month prepay for $38.95 or 6-month prepay for $37.95 per month. Once you choose your option, you can “upgrade” your package for the first month with a cigar cutter or lighter–at a cost. Southern Cigar Co. differs from other subscription services in that the price point differs based on how you are choosing to pay for your subscription, not by the number of cigars you want. You will receive four cigars each month. Your first box will also include a triple torch lighter and a double guillotine cutter as an added bonus, especially for those giving this subscription as a gift.

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