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How to Be A Wine Connoisseur

Wine, just like cigars, can be an intimidating field to enter. There are tens of thousands of wines out there; and then this one is

Smokin' in the Carolinas 2019 recap

Recap: Smokin’ in the Carolinas 2019

Rain was threatening on and off all day, and the humidity was almost 100 percent, but once again, the cigar smokers of the Carolinas couldn’t

epicenter festival

What Happened at Epicenter Festival?

I had just picked up my media credentials for the inaugural Epicenter Festival and was looking forward to an evening of hard rock featuring Korn

Epicenter music festival north carolina

All the Info You Need on Epicenter Festival

Check out our feature on how Epicenter went here. It was a doozy of a weekend.  We love music festivals here at Cigars & Leisure

Brewgaloo best beer festival

Brewgaloo: Voted Best Beer Festival

Thanks to all our readers, Brewgaloo was named the “No. 1 Beer Festival in America” by USA Today! We attended this festival last year and

smokin in the carolinas jr cigar

Recap: Smokin’ in the Carolinas 2018

The temperature was pushing into the mid-90s, the relentless sun was scorching the pavement, and everyone was drenched in sweat, but that didn’t stop hundreds

Carolina Rebellion The Pretty Reckless performs

How to Survive a Music Festival

The chill wind wisps its way through a sea of people—there are almost 80,000 here. Anticipation hangs like a cloud above the heads of the

Dunhill hotel charlotte where to stay

Where to Stay: The Dunhill – Charlotte

Last month, while attending the three-day heavy metal music festival, Carolina Rebellion, I decided I wanted to offset the dirt and grime with a weekend

Brewgaloo beer

Brewgaloo: For Lovers of Beer

We at Cigars & Leisure love beer and will never miss a beer festival that comes within a 3-hour radius to us. Thankfully, we have

Havana deluxe raleigh 1

Where to Smoke: Havana Deluxe

There are many relaxing and fine cigar lounges across the Southern states. We’ve been to a lot of them, and they all have their own