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Mombacho Cosecha 2015

Nicaraguan Puro Mombacho Cosecha 2015 to Ship in July

Mombacho Cigars is set to ship Cosecha 2015, a vintage Nicaraguan puro cigar, to select retailers beginning July 1, 2020. Translated, “cosecha” means “harvest” and

Prime Cigar to Host Mombacho Diplomatico Rum Event

Prime Cigar to Host Mombacho Diplomatico Rum Event

Casa de Montecristo by Prime Cigar will serve as host to the first Mombacho Diplomatico and Diplomatico Rum event. This event will be held on

cigar news Highclere castle cigars Gin Launch 166

Cigar News Roundup Nov. 26-30

Highclere Castle Gin Releases Soon England’s 8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon of Highclere Castle, which has garnered a worldwide reputation as the notable filming


Meet Mombacho

We’re always on the lookout for boutique cigar companies to feature, and we found a good one in Mombacho Cigars. We first met these guys

Chat with Mombacho’s Claudio Sgroi

Chat with Mombacho’s Claudio Sgroi

Our good friends from the North, Mombacho Cigars, are gaining quite a bit of traction and rapidly expanding [see below]. This is all thanks to

Mombacho store hats

Mombacho Cigars Launches Online Store

Mombacho Cigars announced the launch of its online merchandise store last week. The store features Mombacho branded merchandise for its fans to purchase. The store will

mombacho cosecha cigar 3

Mombacho Cigars’ Releases Cosecha 2012

Mombacho Cigars announced last week that their Cosecha 2012 has begun shipping to retailers. The Cosecha 2012 is a cigar that has been five years in

mombacho cigars logo

Mombacho Cigars’ Documentary “Mombacho X”

Mombacho Cigars has partnered with international film director Thomas Bowerbank to create Mombacho X, a short documentary covering the art of cigar making and heart