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Mykonos Spritz drink with sword in the drink

Say It With A Spritz

The Spritz has made a strong comeback and Mediterranean dining destination, Villa Azur in Miami, is way ahead of the demand by introducing four new spritz cocktails. Take a

DÔA Cooler from DOA Miami Beach, vodka

Mixology Monday: The DÔA Cooler

Josh Gonzalez of DÔA Miami Beach is rapidly becoming one of our favorite mixologists. The marriage of DÔA’s LatAsian cuisine and its cocktails could have been a

Sandstone Bacon Flavored Whiskey

Mixology Monday: Bacon Flavored Whiskey

“We didn’t start out to jump on the bacon bandwagon, but after we’d been open for six months, I was driving everywhere, anytime someone said

Mixology Monday: Pot Brownie Shot

In 1997, Patrick Glauser, a Swiss national, came up with the concept of a hemp-flavored vodka. Glauser wanted this vodka to be high end, and

Hendrick's Gin three bottles

Mixology Monday: Distilled Scottish Gin

Scotch, whiskey, and rum all tend to accompany many meals and social gatherings during the winter months, but you shouldn’t leave out a good gin

kikori whiskey

Mixology Monday: Kikori Whiskey

Kikori Whiskey reflects an affection for the spirit held by Los Angeles-based founder Ann Soh Woods, who wanted to create a unique and versatile whiskey

Maestro Dobel tequila bottle and drink

Spring Cocktails By Maestro Dobel Tequila

Perfect for spring, these Maestro Dobel Tequila cocktails offer a great balance of bright fruit juices and distinctive notes. Here are two for you to

Pelican Bubbles drink, mixology

Mixology Monday: Pelican Bubbles

During our trip to South Beach in April, we visited the Beacon Hotel on Ocean Drive where bartender Imaray Santos whipped us up her signature

After Dinner Drinks, bottles and grappa

Mixology Monday: After-Dinner Drinks

Between the meal and the cigar With patrons knowing and caring much more about what they’re eating and fresh, delicious food becoming more and more

Campari drink mixology

Mixology Monday: Campari Drinks

Now that it’s officially March, we’re all craving warm weather and that happy, relaxed atmosphere. If you don’t have time to sneak down to the