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shoo fly punch southern drinks

Classic Southern Drinks

For this issue, we wanted to feature some classic Southern drinks—but we had to do so in a way that avoided a Mint Julep, because

Jimidores working the agave field

Choosing the Right Tequila

In life, we often start purchasing what we can most readily afford before graduating up and spending more on what should thusly be a better

Ron Barcelo Imperial Rum bottle and glass

Ron Barceló Rum: Not Your Dorm Liquor

Rum is a different sort of liquor in that it isn’t usually used as a shot like vodka or tequila. That’s not to say there

ron barcelo mixology national rum day 2

Happy National Rum Day!

We at Cigars & Leisure love rum. Well, we love all spirits, but rum in particular is a favorite so today is a big day for us.

Pachamama Sour drink

Pachamama Sour: Incan Goddess-Inspired

Take your taste buds on a Peruvian journey with the new Pachamama Sour cocktail, from DOA in Miami Beach. Created by the restaurant’s award-winning bar manager, Josh Gonzalez, the Incan goddess-inspired concoction blends Hendricks

ron barcelo rum and daiquiri for national daiquiri day

National Daiquiri Day!

It’s July 19 which means National Daiquiri Day! Celebrate appropriately by making a daiquiri. If you don’t, you’re a grinch. This recipe by Ron Barceló

Ron Barcelo Imperial Just the Two of Us cocktail and bottle

Mixology Monday: Just the Two of Us by Ron Barceló

Summer officially began June 21st, which means trying all the summer cocktails you can possibly handle. Ron Barceló, makers of fine rum, has a new

Mixology Envy tequila drink with cigar

3 Tequila Recipes for Warm Summer Days

Tequila is a magnificent spirit because it can be sipped neat like bourbon and scotch, but, like rum and vodka, it also blends wonderfully into

Ron Barcelo Pretty Girl Mojito by the pool

Ron Barcelo’s Pretty Girl Mojito

Summer body ready or not, Ron Barceló comes with no judgement with its skinny take on the Mojito; the Pretty Girl. The almost-too-beautiful-to-drink cocktail mixes

Back Draft Cocktail Shooter on fire

The Backdraft Shot

This is one bad-ass, intense shot; involving fire, sucking in alcohol infused vapor, and getting drunk really, really fast. Here’s the recipe and, because it’s