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snapshots amy @blossomsmokess

Snapshots: Spring 2019

Meet Eric Whitfield, also known as the “cigartist.” He has been an artist since he was young and has been creating cigar-centered art and custom

where to smoke michigan Lounge Timothy's (3)

Where to Smoke in Michigan

Ernesto’s Cigar Lounge & Bar Petoskey is a coastal community that sits at the very top of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. It’s quiet here for most

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Snapshots Fall 2018 featuring Tatum!

Readers, meet Tatum! She is the host of the popular YouTube cigar review series “Smokin’ One with Tatum.” “I’ve been smoking for about 6 years

Snapshots cigar room

Snapshots: Summer 2018

The Cigar Room, located in Madison, Alabama, recently celebrated its 7th anniversary, so they threw a birthday party complete with a cigar cake. Additionally, Donny

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Snapshots: Spring 2018

For this issue, we’re featuring a favorite reader of ours who posts some amazing cigar photography on Instagram. Meet Erica Arroyo. After smoking and enjoying

villiger lounge abam chairs

Villiger Cigars Opens Gorgeous New Lounge

Villiger Cigars, celebrating their 130 year anniversary, unveiled their first ever lounge in the Americas. The ABAM Cigar Factory in Santo Domingo (manufacturer of all

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Winter Snapshots

There are so many beautiful lounges across the States that we decided we needed a specific space dedicated to showcasing them all. Here are five

Where to Smoke in the Caribbean

Reveling in the warmth and relaxation that is inherent in visiting the Caribbean can only be improved with the enjoyment of a drink and cigar—assuming

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Fall Snapshots

There are so many beautiful lounges across the Southern states that we decided we needed some extra space to showcase them all. Here are three

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Where to Smoke: Havana Deluxe

There are many relaxing and fine cigar lounges across the Southern states. We’ve been to a lot of them, and they all have their own