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movie extras filming a scene

How to Be An Extra In a Movie

It is a muggy summer day in August on a backlot near Detroit. Dressed in a wool peacoat, mittens, and a hat, I am constantly

best Ski resorts

Best Ski Resorts in the Country

There are so many great ski slopes/resorts out there that you can literally cater your choice down to any crazy detail or whim. For us,

close-up man dressed in suit fixing cuffs

Men’s Fashion Advice From Models

Admit it—even the most fashionable person needs help occasionally. We asked our friends, Jenna and Steph, both professional models, to give us some advice on


The Great Football Divide

Forget the foliage, cooling temperatures, and pumpkin-flavored everything—the best thing about fall (edging out the kids going back to school) is the return of college

Christine movie cars

10 Coolest Movie Cars You Can Actually Own

OK, so, no: We’re not talking about the exact cars that were used in filming, which often sell for many times more than the car

fashion advice Steph

Fall Fashion Advice from Models: Part 2

Back in our Summer issue we asked our friends, Jenna and Steph, both professional models, to give us some advice on men’s fashion and dating.

caramel pumpkin candle

Beer-scented Candles for Men

You read that right. Candles can be for men, too. We know your man cave is smelling a little musty from all the cigar smoke,

Carolina Rebellion The Pretty Reckless performs

How to Survive a Music Festival

The chill wind wisps its way through a sea of people—there are almost 80,000 here. Anticipation hangs like a cloud above the heads of the

fall movie preview

Fall Movie Preview 2018

Ah, fall. The air is (finally!) cooling down, and it’s socially acceptable again to sit inside a dark theater. There are quite a few movies

Russian_fans world cup 2018 preview

2018 World Cup Preview

After four years of anticipation, the 2018 FIFA World Cup is finally set to take the global sporting stage on June 14. Held in Russia,