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movie extras filming a scene

How to Be An Extra In a Movie

It is a muggy summer day in August on a backlot near Detroit. Dressed in a wool peacoat, mittens, and a hat, I am constantly

puro sabor girl smoking

Cigar 101: How to Review a Cigar

To write readable, useful cigar reviews takes only a couple of prerequisites, not least of them being an ability to write readable prose. It also

famous smoke cigar ring gauge tool

Famous Smoke’s Ring Gauge Tool

Editor’s note: Famous Smoke Shop has made some amazing cigar tools like the Beginner’s Guide, the flavor wheel, and pairings. Head to their website to

cigar on top of whiskey glass with cutter

Cigar 101: How to Smoke A Cigar

You wouldn’t think the matter of how we cut and light a cigar should cause controversy, but no matter what advice these pages dispense, some

rookie pipe smoker

Tips for A Rookie Pipe Smoker

I can trace my love of tobacco back to when I was 3 years old, just starting to grow up in a quiet corner of

cigar guide

Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Smoking

New cigar smokers are now only a click away from learning everything they need to know about the experience of smoking premium handmade cigars thanks