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Rick “Hutch” Hutchings has been creating beautiful custom scrimshaw cigar cutters and accessories for over 14 years. He even designed the knife handles and pistol grips for the Expendables movies (more on that in a moment). But first, for those unfamiliar with what scrimshaw is, it’s simply engravings and carvings done in bone or ivory.

Working in the cigar industry seemed like a natural transition for Hutch, who grew up around his grandfather’s tobacco fields. His storied career in the industry began in 2002, when Xicar asked him to put his scrimshaw art on some knife handles they were bringing to a knife show.

hutch cutters scrim by hutch

“When I took the knives over to their table and saw they had cigar cutters,” Hutch says, “I got really excited, being a cigar smoker myself, and asked if I could do those as well.”

Everything Hutch makes is crafted completely and painstakingly by hand with a scrimshaw needle on mammoth ivory bark, tiger coral, or apple coral [see video below]. Every cutter comes with a hand-sewn leather pouch made with pre-embargo elephant leather, American bison leather, or black biker leather.

But one of Hutch’s proudest working moments came when he got to design scrim art on the knife handle that Dolph Lundgren carries in the first Expendables movie. He also made a cigar cutter with a skull on it for Sylvester Stallone as a gift when the movie finished filming.

“Stallone had so much fun with it that he sent me a thank you card and told me Arnold Schwarzenegger was jealous,” Hutch says. “Then for the next movie I was asked to do all the pistol and knife grips again, and Stallone ended up using the cutter I made him in one of the scenes. There’s another scene where Jean-Claude Van Damme holds up his knife and says, ‘I like symbols. What is this symbol?’ And you can read my name underneath the artwork on the handle. That was a cool moment.”

Two of Hutch’s most popular cutters are the Big Lebowski set featuring Walter and The Dude. There are only 25 sets made, as all of his art is limited-edition.

big lebowski scrim by hutch

“Whatever somebody wants, I can create for them,” Hutch says. “But I don’t do any living, real people. I’ve done three living people before, and they all died within a year. People have asked me to do their ex-wives, but no, I can’t do that.”

To order custom cutters and to learn more, visit, or give him a call at (502) 836-2871.

New Cutters from Hutch

The Savannah Kneeling Angel: A memoriam cutter to recognize a family member or friend that has passed. The highlighted feather in the wing can have a name or initials and a set of dates if wanted. It is mammoth ivory with a $500 retail price.

hutch new kneeling angel

The Duke: This one is obvious. It is mammoth ivory and retails for $500.

Hutch John Wayne Custom Cutter

Patton: This is mammoth ivory and retails for $500.

hutch patton cutter

Here’s more of Hutch’s amazing work

Hutch Churchill set
“Winston at War” and “Sir Winston” mammoth ivory custom cutters. Limited edition set, but a few of each are still available.
BB King Hutch
B. B. King’s “Lucille” guitar custom cutter is made of stabilized buffalo horn.
Hutch Maker Mark Bourbon Barrel Set
Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel Wood Custom Cutter with pen and punch keychain
Kirinite acrylic cutter handles; the higher the gloss the better the grip. These are faux ivory and oyster.
assortment hutch
Mammth ivory bark, creamy inner mammoth, fossil walrus and pre-embargo elephant ivory custom cutters.
scrim by hutch terminator
Limited edition of 250 at $500 each and 10 artist proofs at $750 each.
hutch carbon fiber set
Carbon fiber custom cutter and pen set.
hutch sam
A custom cutter for Sam Leccia for his Black & White line pre-embargo elephant ivory and buffalo horn.
hutch pappy
“Pappy Van Winkle” and “Opus X” custom mammoth ivory cutters.
Hutch and Chuck
Hutch and Chuck at a Louisville event for J. Shepard Cigar Shop.

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