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Subscription Box Service for the Cigar Enthusiast

There are so many box subscription services floating around out there. Whether it’s food, cosmetics, wine, clothes, shoes or movies, you name it and there’s probably a monthly subscription service for it. I had written them off as silly and avoided them all … that is, until now. Last week, I found out there was such a thing as a cigar subscription box. It’s called, and I knew that I had to try it.

“As a cigar enthusiast, I was frustrated with the trial and error of purchasing cigars that didn’t fit my flavor profile,” says co-founder Chris Yokley. “We knew there had to be a better way.”

And find a better way they did, using a proprietary algorithm that analyzes food and beverage preferences to pair the perfect cigars to each subscriber’s palate. review
The founders

“Walking into a retailer with thousands of options, it was not only overwhelming, but the trial and error can get expensive and is not always pleasant,” says chief marketing officer Shanda Lee. “Our subscribers have wines, whiskey, and gourmet food boxes customized just for them and shipped to their homes—why not cigars too? It has advantages for all types of people looking to enjoy cigars—the newbie, the aficionado looking for something different, women who feel intimidated by the standard way of purchasing cigars, and people looking for a unique gift.”

So, how does it work, you may be wondering? Well, we at Cigars & Leisure decided to give the process a try. It was insane how quick, easy, and painless it was to sign up and go through the quiz. It was only seven questions long, making such inquiries as “What type of coffee gets you going in the morning?”; “What’s your go-to beverage in the evening?”; and “If I could only live on one meat, it would be …?”

I admit, I was skeptical that they would be able to nail my palate in only seven questions, but it truly worked (more on that in a moment). You then choose whether you want the box shipped monthly or quarterly and in various quantity options. That’s it! Not even a day later I received an email with a tracking number for my box and then another personal email welcoming me to the club and asking about any questions I may have. Points for great customer service. review

The box arrived less than a week later, complete with a sticker label like those found on cigar boxes (see photo above). I quickly cracked into the box, eager to see if they got my palate correct. The box is very attractively packed. You’re first greeted with a welcome letter, followed by some tips on how to enjoy a cigar. Digging in, I was further surprised when I found a cigar cutter and a packet for making chai from Four Sigmatic. How did they know I’ve been meaning to pair chai and cigars?

It was then time to open the Boveda bag of cigars. I tore the tab and pulled out the three cigars. Lo and behold, they captured my palate perfectly. There was a Montecristo Espada Guard, Foundation Cigar Company’s the Wise Man Maduro, and Plasencia’s Coshecha 146 La Musica—all cigars that I had on a list of cigars I needed to sample! If you’re wondering whether uses magic, the answer is: I don’t know, but probably. review

This company is only two years old, and already they’ve grown enough that they just announced the purchase of a large, 3,000-square-foot historic building in downtown Mobile, Alabama. It will be a unique workspace, distribution facility, and a destination for members to stop by and enjoy a smoke.

I enjoyed the process so much that even made us our own discount code that we’re passing on to you! So, give it a try and let us know what you think! It would make an excellent Christmas gift for the cigar aficionado in your life, which is ironic because when I opened this box, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

To order your own, head to, and at the checkout, be sure to enter code CigarsLeisure for 15 percent off!

3 Questions with Shanda Lee review shanda lee

What’re a few of your favorite cigars right now?
Two cigars that were new to me (thanks to my palate profile on that I have really been enjoying are the Archetype Dreamstate Robusto and the MBombay Classic Belicoso.

What’s a favorite drink to pair with a cigar?
Those who know me know I’m a big Cabernet person, but lately I have been enjoying John Drew’s Dove Tail Rum on the rocks.

What do you love most about the cigar lifestyle?
So many things! First, as a Type A person, it is hard for me to relax. When you enjoy a cigar, you can’t hurry. You have to slow down and savor it. Relaxing in my backyard with a nice cigar with an adult beverage after a long day is the best part of my day.

A close second would be the camaraderie that comes with cigars. What other consumer product brings people of all walks of life together in a such a positive way? Cigars bring common ground to open conversations and collaborations for the better good. I think a lot of problems in our country would be solved if more people would relax and enjoy a cigar together.

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