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Day two was hard to start after the previous evening’s celebration of Tabacalera de Garcia’s 50th anniversary. To say I was sluggish getting going is an understatement. The day started early with a tour of Tabacalera de Garcia’s factory and box making plant. Bonus points: they had coffee, coconuts, sno-cones, and cigars waiting for us.

Tabacalera de Garcia is very impressive in its size and scope; they have over 5000 employees. I did this tour last year but still learned a lot the second time around. We’ll be doing a full story on their factory soon, so stay tuned.

Then came the 5ish hour journey from La Romana to Santiago where ProCigar officially begins. It’s a long ass time to be on a bus.

The first official event of ProCigar was the welcome cocktail party at the Hodelpa Garden Court where most of the attendees of ProCigar and the cigar manufacturers hung out under a beautiful moonlit sky.

There aren’t a ton of photos from today because half of it was spent traveling but hopefully these will give you a taste of what it’s like.

Note: None of these photos have been edited because ain’t nobody got time for that.

procigar recap day two
The maestros of Tabacalera de Garcia
procigar recap day two
A beautiful night for a cocktail
procigar recap day two
Some the of Davidoff team: Hendrik Kelner (Vice Chairman), Nicole Kaufman (Director of Global Communications), and Hamlet Espinal (VP of Global Production).
procigar recap day two
The welcome party by the pool at the Hodelpa Garden Court
procigar recap day two
Buffing the cigar box lids
procigar recap day two
The cedar room where up to 5 million cigars are kept at a time.
procigar recap day two
Hanging the tobacco to dry
procigar recap day two
The factory floor
procigar recap day two
De-veining the tobacco

For a recap of last year’s festival, check out this video:

For more, check out our full guide to ProCigar, and our recaps of day one, three, four, and five.

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