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This Mixology Monday is a little different than normal in that it’s kind of impossible to make this drink unless you’re a true mixologist. But, it’s freaking cool so we had to include it.

This drink is called Old Fashioned in the Rocks. That’s right, in, not on. Confused? Check out the video.

This drink comes from the genius minds of Grant Achatz and Craig Schoettler at The Aviary in Chicago. They use a blast chiller to form hollow ice shapes (good luck doing this). Then they inject Buffalo Trace bourbon, demerara syrup and their house-made orange bitters into the ice using a syringe. Once you, the customer, gets the drink, you use a utensil to crack the ice and release the cocktail.

This is only one of many amazingly innovative cocktails The Aviary serves. Good luck getting work done today; you’re going to get lost in their YouTube page.

Photos courtesy of The Aviary.

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