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Arielle Ditkowich, La Sirena Cigars | Ph: Nino IgnacioNew York is one of the most unique places in the world, and it’s definitely a special place to live. Every language is spoken here, and there are restaurants and shops from every region in the world. We also have some of the most gorgeous parks in the middle of the city. The best part of New York City is that you don’t need a car—everywhere is within walking distance, and there is art and culture around every single corner to discover.

There are so many incredible cigar shops and lounges in Manhattan and the outer boroughs to smoke a cigar in. I really wish I had more time to enjoy all of them! When I’m finally home from a long trip and getting ready to head back on the road, I love to wind down by going out on my terrace with a cigar and a glass of wine.

If you’re visiting New York, go out and try something new that you have never done before, because New York is the place you can do that in. I strongly believe that every person who is visiting New York City should go and see live theater. It can be a musical, comedy, or drama—it can be on Broadway or in a park, but to me it is one of the things that makes New York so amazing! Also, go and smoke a cigar in Central Park—I can’t promise you won’t get in trouble, but it’s worth taking the risk!

Arielle Ditkowich, La Sirena Cigars | Ph: Nino Ignacio

You can’t go wrong with any La Sirena cigar while exploring the city. The Merlion has so many flavors from a unique blend of tobacco from five different regions, so it is definitely comparable to the flavor of New York City. The Original La Sirena is complex and spicy, much like the people you will encounter while exploring the city. The Oceano builds and gets stronger as you smoke it, similarly to people’s feelings while here—the more time you spend in New York, the more bold your love for this town will become.

Photos by Arielle Ditkowich Nino Ignacio

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