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Forget everything you think you know about Las Vegas. Last year, over 42,000,000 visitors came to Vegas, and not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. Like any destination or business, Las Vegas has changed over the past decade to keep up with the times. According to a 2015 study, nearly half of Vegas’ visitors came for vacation or pleasure, and there’s plenty to do that will keep you entertained and busy throughout the trip. If you’re expecting your typical guide to Vegas, highlighting the best casinos or places to park yourself for hours, this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide of the best places to smoke, eat, drink, and be entertained, flip the page and start planning your next Vegas adventure today.

Drai's Nightclub in Las Vegas, performer and crowdTRAVEL TIPS

When booking your accommodations in Vegas, know what you’re really getting. Many of the big resorts have affordable room rates, but do you know what the resort fee is? Hotels in Vegas often include this hidden fee in addition to the advertised room rate yet don’t do a good job explaining this fee. There’s no escaping the resort fees, so be sure to ask which added amenities and perks they cover.

There’s life beyond Vegas’ notorious Strip. For more affordable spirits and food, get off the Strip. Downtown Las Vegas has plenty of restaurants, clubs, and bars for you to explore.

Looks can be deceiving in Vegas when it comes to judging distances between attractions and overall travel time. If you’re planning to take a taxi anywhere in Vegas, build in an extra 30 minutes of commute time, as traffic and actually getting a taxi will often require more time than you think.

Good news—there’s an abundance of taxis in Vegas to help you get around. Bad news—not knowing the city or the areas to avoid could run up your fare. Traffic along the Strip can be horrendous, so it’s best to know a few alternative routes around Las Vegas Boulevard, including Frank Sinatra Drive, Industrial Road, and Paradise Road. The Las Vegas Monorail is also a good option for getting around the Strip on a budget.

Looking for the best room rates? Plan a midweek trip. Vegas is a popular weekend travel destination, so you will have a better selection of resorts and accommodations at better prices between Tuesday and Thursday.

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