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Mombacho Cigars announced the launch of its online merchandise store last week. The store features Mombacho branded merchandise for its fans to purchase. The store will not sell any tobacco products.

“The Mombacho Brand is growing,” said Robert Rasmussen, Brand Manager of Mombacho Cigars. “One of our long term goals is for Mombacho Cigars to be a lifestyle brand and this store is a major step in that direction.”

Mombacho store shirt

The store currently features a select group of t-shirts, hats and cigar accessories. Mombacho plans to expand the offering in the coming months. Many of the items available are exclusive to the online store with plans of featuring limited edition merchandise in the future.

“We launched with a selection of items that have been popular with our customers in the past. People are always asking me where they can get one or our hats or shirts. With the online store, we now have a place for people to find them. Definitely keep an eye out because we will have new items showing up all the time,” said Rasmussen.

The Mombacho merchandise store currently ships to the US and Canada, with plans to expand to Europe in the future.

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