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This is a special cigar, to be sure. It’s a father-daughter collaboration between Indiana and Omar Ortez and is limited edition, presented in a 2-cigar coffin box.

“I was really excited to collaborate with Indiana and her father on this project,” says Benjamin Winokur, brand manager for Ventura Cigar. “The Fathers, Friends, and Fire event series means a lot to me personally, as my father was the one who got me into cigars. To have the opportunity to share Indiana’s story, alongside the cigar she created with her father for these events is very special.”

Check out this video of Ben and Indiana talking about the cigar and where the idea came from.

Indiana Ortez Introduces Fathers, Friends, and Fire Cigar
Indiana lights up her cigar before the interview.
Indiana Ortez Introduces Fathers, Friends, and Fire Cigar
The 2-cigar coffin box

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