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Drew Estate will release limited edition lanceros for its Herrera Estelí Habano and Herrera Estelí Connecticut Broadleaf cigars this year. These limited-edition lanceros will be available exclusively at retailers that are part of the Drew Diplomat Program.

Lanceros are typically a hard vitola to make and there are only four bunchero-rollera teams at Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica who are qualified to make the 7 x 38 vitola due to its narrow ring gauge. Lanceros require experts who can perfectly arrange the individual tobacco components in a way that the cigars has an ideal draw and that blend is complex.

“The Lancero size is the one vitola where you get to experience the real essence of a cigar’s blend and savor the truest taste of all of the cigar’s individual components. In larger sizes, where there is proportionally more binder and filler leaf in the blend, a wrapper’s flavor profile might be masked a little bit. A Lancero brings out the intensity of all the tobaccos’ flavor. I always prefer to smoke a Lancero when I can, and I wanted to make sure fans of Herrera Estelí could enjoy the same experience,” says Willy Herrera, master blender of Drew Estate.

The Herrera Estelí Habano Lancero features a flavorful Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Honduran Habano binder and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. The medium-bodied smoke is described as sweet and spicy with notes of cedar. The Herrera Estelí Connecticut Broadleaf Lancero features a higher priming of Connecticut Broadleaf for the wrapper that Drew Estate saves throughout the year just for this release. Its blend is comprised of bold Brazilian Mata Fina and rich Nicaraguan filler tobaccos that come together to create a spicy, elegant, smooth cigar.

Jonathan Drew, founder and president of Drew Estate, stated: “Lanceros are certainly not as popular as large ring gauge cigars, but they have a cult following amongst the most educated cigar geeks who love majestic capa leaf, what I call the ‘oro’ of the plant. Everyone knows that Willy blends spectacular Lanceros.”

Both the Herrera Estelí Habano and Herrera Estelí Connecticut Broadleaf Lanceros come in 15-count boxes with an MSRP of $194.24. Herrera Estelí Connecticut Broadleaf Lancero will begin shipping in June; Herrera Estelí Habano Lancero will begin shipping in August.

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