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Are you new to the world of cigars? Not sure how to choose your first humidor or what cigar accessories you need? Or are you looking to keep up with the world of cigars and all of the news coming out from the category beyond our website? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should check out General Cigar’s newly revamped website,

The new website offers visitors a tailored experience based on their experience level and interests. In addition to offering cigar smokers a new online website to connect, General Cigar has plans for this new website to become one of the largest online databases of cigar product information, from front marks to tasting notes and even drink pairings.

“We want create utility for cigar smokers. We’re building this product database so people can find their perfect cigar. They can read reviews, get recommendations from friends and find retailers that sell that cigar,” explains Chris Tarr, General Cigar’s marketing Vice President.

General Cigar also has plans to make a major source for the latest information on cigars, promotions, news and announcements. A newsfeed and up-to-date content tailored to each user’s preferences will be a major feature of the website. General Cigar is focusing on creating a personal one-to-one experience with the new, so users get industry-wide news, promotions and videos based on the cigars they like to smoke and the brands they’re interested in.

“The relaunch of this site is just the beginning of our digital strategy. We’re building a cohesive eco-system for our brands,” adds Tarr. “We’ll be rolling out more updates to the site in the coming months that will lead the way in terms of engagement for cigar smokers.”

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