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Farmer's Daughter Hotel | Los Angeles, CaliforniaJust a short walk from Los Angeles’ popular shopping and entertainment hub The Grove sits Farmer’s Daughter Hotel. This unique 66-room boutique hotel serves as a home away from home for both those traveling for business and those in need of some downtime. In a city like Los Angeles that prides itself on image, Farmer’s Daughter Hotel can seem out of place, but that thought is quickly put aside soon after checking in. Since it first opened its doors in the 1960s, the hotel has set out to be different and to offer those visiting Los Angeles an escape from city living.

At the  Farmer’s Daughter there’s a framed needlepoint with the classic phrase “Home Sweet Home” hanging on the yellow rooster-print wallpaper; the courtyard, referred to as “the porch,” is a communal space where people can work, play, and eat. There is also a daily whiskey hour that’s free for guests and a hotel restaurant named Tart that dishes out some delicious Southern comfort food like hush puppies, chicken and waffles, and braised short ribs.

The rooms, like the rest of the hotel, mimic a modern farmhouse: countryside touches given a funky makeover with a contemporary design. Farmer’s Daughter also understands that often there’s work to be done, just like on an actual farm. For the business traveler, the hotel has designed several workspaces around the hotel and notes that many guests can take care of business around the pool area, courtyard, and in their rooms.

Farmer’s Daughter Hotel
115 S. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 937-3930

Photo courtesy of Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

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