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Fabio Viviani’s life has revolved around wine. He started drinking wine with his family when he was a bit younger than the drinking age in the United States. Later in life, when he went on to become a chef, wine became a major fixture in his restaurants. As he looked at various wines, Viviani realized many of them were nothing more than expensive juices, and those who made them provided little knowledge to help people understand what they were drinking and how to enhance their wine experiences.

“When I came to the United States, I realized the culture of wine here was not as big as the wine culture in Italy,” said Viviani. “In the United States, people sometimes believe that to drink a good wine you have to spend a lot of money on it. That’s what we’ve tried to make different with the Fabio Viviani Wine Collection. In Italy, you don’t spend a lot of money for good wine. We created wines that are very affordable at a price point that starts at $12 and $15, and the juices used in them are worth twice as much.”

To create his wine collection, Viviani and his team did a lot of blind tastings using well-known cabernets, chardonnays, and other red and white wines. At the end of each test, his wines always scored as high as the well-known brands. Viviani was not surprised by the results, as he knew the key to a good wine is the quality of the grapes and juices used. Having created an affordable wine collection with premium tasting notes, Viviani wanted to go a step further. He and his team of food and wine experts created collateral to accompany the wines and pass along important information to those who purchase his wines. This collateral includes recipes, wine knowledge, pairings, and even support through his website and social media for those who have questions about the wines in his collection.

“We are trying to create a wine that goes above and beyond a good juice experience,” Viviani explained. “I had the opportunity to team up with some really big wine brands and get a very good paycheck just to lend my face to the wine, but that’s not how I operate. This is a project that goes beyond me putting another skew out there for people to buy. One hundred percent of our profits are invested in education, customer service, marketing. That’s why we’ve created one of the fastest-growing wine brands in the United States from a consumer likability standpoint.” Viviani’s wines were created to be shared with the family. Here are some of Viviani’s favorite recipes, along with some recommended wine pairings.

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