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8305 Six Forks Road, Ste. 203, Raleigh, NC 27615

Jeffrey’s of Austin
1204 W. Lynn St.
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 477-5584

Jeffrey’s of Austin has been a bastion of fine dining in Austin for almost half a century but with the influx of creative capital and young professionals, the food scene has become more dynamic and the patrons more demanding. Like everything in Austin, the emphasis is on authentic atmosphere and eclectic experience. In 2013, Jeffrey’s came under new ownership and the restaurant was reimagined to fit the new flavor of the city, where classic fine dining is no longer enough to keep a restaurant alive. Under ownership of McGuire Moorman Hospitality, the classic establishment was updated to reflect its history of refined dining and sophistication with modern cuisine and atmosphere.

Thanks to its update, it remains long standing icon on the Austin restaurant scene. Originally opened in 1975, the restaurant is located in the quiet Clarkesville neighborhood and is known for its French-inspired seasonal fare with an emphasis of the best dry-aged beef sourced from ranches throughout the state. The restaurant offers an extensive wine list from its master sommelier and full caviar service from Petrossian. You can expect things like truffle deviled eggs, lobster and caviar blinis, and classic Caesar salad with kale to accompany your Wagyu. The bar scene is also top-notch at Jeffrey’s if you are looking for a cozy spot for a classic cocktail in a more subdued setting.

The restaurant is the perfect reprieve from bustling Austin and the traffic that accompanies it. Dine here for the finest beef, wine, and service.

Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden
709 E. 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 614-4972

The concept behind Easy Tiger is simple: yeast. The combined bakery and beer garden is the perfect casual atmosphere for which the Austin bar scene is so well known. In addition to its in-house baked goods and over 30 varieties of craft brews, Easy Tiger boasts an easygoing menu with German roots. Texas has long been a destination for German immigrants, and Easy Tiger serves up freshly baked pretzels and house-made sausage to go with your beer. The garlic sausage is especially delicious when accompanied by a cold beer over a game of ping-pong at one of the game tables that overlook Waller Creek.

Easy Tiger also offers a solid selection of whiskey and great deals on the spirit on Wednesdays. The elevated beer garden and bakery is run by the ELM Restaurant Group and features a prestigious chef, artisan baker and a master sommelier. Easy Tiger embodies the spirit of Austin. It is hip and relaxed with an emphasis on quality and a lively atmosphere. And even though the establishment is located in the heart of the tourist-filled 6th Street, it attracts a mix of in-the-know locals as well as visitors who want that eclectic, laid-back Austin imbibing experience.

Tacos and Barbecue

It’s impossible to visit Austin without being confronted by its two dominant food groups: tacos and barbecue. The evolution of the competitive food scene in Austin has allowed for the rise of artisanal and even upscale tacos and barbecue. Here are some of the best taco and barbecue joints in Austin.

Lamberts Downtown BBQ
2nd Street District
401 W. 2nd St.
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 494-1500

Some might consider this “fancy barbecue,” but the food and atmosphere is not to be overlooked. Lambert’s not only serves great barbecue in a more refined setting but also has live music performances in their upstairs lounge almost every night.

Franklins Barbecue
900 E. 11th St.
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 653-1187

Lauded as one of, if not the very best barbecue joint in America and much less Austin, Franklin’s Barbecue serves over 2,000 pounds of smoked meat every day to visitors from near and far who start lining up as early as 7 a.m. and wait up to five hours just to get their share. Eating Franklin’s barbecue, and the waiting that it requires, is a rite of passage for any barbecue lover.

Torchy’s Tacos
Multiple locations

For ten years, Torchy’s Tacos has been dominating the Austin food truck and taco scene because of its delicious lunch taco, which is served all day from multiple locations across the city.

Rosita’s Al Pastor
1911 E. Riverside Drive
Austin, TX 78741
(512) 442-8402

Considered one of the best traditional street tacos in Austin, the al pastor taco from Rosita’s has made its mark on the city’s expansive taco scene because its chile-marinated pork and grade A house-made flour tortillas.

Valentina’s Tex Mex
7612 Brodie Lane
Austin, TX 78745
(512) 221-4248

This taco and barbecue outposts combines the best of both culinary worlds and offers tortilla-wrapped smoked meats from the window of its trailer. It is hailed as both one of the best barbecue trailers and one of the top tacos in town.

You’ll definitely be in a food coma when you eat all this food, so here’s some great places to stay, and an interview with local chef Nicholas Yanes

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