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Drew Estate announces today (March 23) that Liga Privada No. 9 and T52 Coronets (4 x 32 size) have shipped exclusively to Drew Diplomat Retailers across the United States.

Introduced at the 2017 IPCPR, the Liga Privada Coronets are a convenient 4 x 32 size and are $125 for a 50 count sleeve or $25 per tin of 10 cigars. The wrapper is made of carefully selected, small cuts from the same leaf used for core Liga Priveda No.9 and T52 cigars.

While the Coronet packaging is consistent with the large format Liga Privada, consumers will conveniently locate them in the Drew Estate Water Tower displays at your local Drew Diplomat retailer.

Liga privada coronet t52

“Over the past ten years, we have stashed an incredible supply of No. 9 & T52 scrap-cut tobaccos during the manufacturing process for larger format vitolas, such as LP toros, robustos, and Feral Flying Pigs,” says Jonathan Drew. “Our goal today is to build upon what we have accomplished with the Papas Fritas, but this time in an even more convenient travel size, 4 x 32.”

“If you’ve lived in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten, or NYC – then you are familiar with water towers gracing the top of nearly every building,” Drew continues. “They are a true fixture to the skyline, an optical canvas for urban artists making their mark on the world. Escaping to the building rooftop for a quick smoke under the water tower is in our DNA, away from prying eyes, and with a view that is worth a trapped-up trillion. I’m very proud of the Drew Estate team for disrupting the boring, everyday tin racks that sit behind the counter with the professional execution of the Water Towers, our answer to the modern day wooden Indian. You will find our LP 4 x 32 there, along with our full family range of brands. Damn, we gots some swagger.”

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And check out the Liga Privada No. 9 CORONA VIVA, released in May 2018.