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Drew Estate’s next Freestyle Live will include a mysterious, new, disruptive plot twist that’s sure to have all cigar smokers talking.

On May 6, Drew Estate will host an all new Freestyle Live: Special Edition from 7-9 pm. EST on its Facebook page ( Leading up to the Freestyle Live broadcast, Drew Estate will be shipping participating retailers a limited amount of Freestyle Live Event Packs that will include three unbounded samples of its new ultra-premium cigar, a travel humidor, a cutter lighter and raffle ticket. The identity and details of the newly released cigars will remain a secret up until the big reveal during the show.

In a press release, Drew Estate founder and president Jonathan Drew commented: “This episode is gonna be a straight gangsta party. In addition to bookending the final night of our new brand media blitz, we’re gonna go absolutely bananas with massive consumer prizes and theatrics galore. But check me here … consumers who were diligent enough to snag a pack from their local bricks-and-mortar will burn the new sticks with the Drew Estate Ambassadors, sales team, executive team and Nicaragua front line division at the exact same time so we can all enjoy the experience together. At that exact moment, we gonna drop the 411 on this worldwide, globalized sexy beast! I’m gonna be drinkin’ Angels Envy Cask Strength for this one. Joey and Frankie prolly be slurpin’ the Mezcal in those red adobe ‘cupitos,’ while Pedro drinks a few Presidentes, and Willy’s double fisted with two cigars burning at the same time. Hahaha … let’s ride.”

The raffle ticket included in the Freestyle Live Event Pack will automatically enter consumers in a giveaway for three prizes: a Drew Estate standing tower humidor; a Drew Estate branded bar designed by Dog at Subculture Studios and for a grand prize, a Suzuki Supermoto DR-7400SM dirt bike. Retailers that participate in the Freestyle Live Event Pack will automatically be entered into a giveaway for a Drew Estate standing tower humidor, a bar designed by Subculture Studios, and the grand prize of a Mega Standing ashtray, three Dream Seat recliners and a $5,000 credit that can be used for store improvements.

Each Freestyle Live Special Edition Event Pack will be sold for $40, with only 2,300 being released for purchase beginning April 12.

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