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Pipe smokers have reason to celebrate. Davidoff Cigars is celebrating the Chinese New Year with the release of its Year fo the Ox Masterpiece Pipe.

Davidoff Year of the Ox Masterpiece Pipe

This limited edition pipe features Italian craftsmanship and Japanese ancestral decoration techniques to create a truly unique pipe. The Year of the Ox Masterpiece Pipe is beautifully crafted out of Italian briar wood and adorned with a Year of the Ox solid gold ring that emphasizes the contrast between the black mouthpiece and the wood grain of the pipe’s body. The pipe is handcrafted in Italy by expert pipe craftsmen and comes in an elegant black case and is wreathed in an exceptionally smooth Napa leather pouch.

Decorated in Japan by the Zohiko atelier, the ox is made of two different Maki-e techniques: the horns and the hooves of the ox are created with the Nashiji technique that makes them shine with irregular reflections, whereas the body of the ox is made using the Hiramakié technique that allows very thin designs. For those unaware, the Maki-e lacquerware technique is done by scattering gold power into the lacquer design.

Davidoff Year of the Ox Masterpiece Pipe

The Davidoff Year of the Ox Masterpiece Pipe is limited to just five exclusive pipes being released worldwide.

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