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To mark the Chinese Year of the Dog and delight Chinese aficionados around the globe, Davidoff Cigars will be introducing a highly exclusive Year of the Dog 2018 Limited Edition.

“With its exceptional Gran Churchill cigar and stunning accompanying accessories, the Davidoff Year of the Dog Limited Edition 2018 is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to celebrate the Chinese New Year,” said Charles Awad, Senior Vice President at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “Highly anticipated by collectors and aficionados across the globe, this limited edition will delight the fortunate few who will manage to acquire it. There is no better way to celebrate than with a cigar. This extraordinary cigar will certainly become a good friend of yours like that of man’s best friend, his dog.”

Those who are celebrating the Chinese New Year in the company of The Dog, will be celebrating with a true friend. Anyone who has earned The Dogs’ trust knows that their loyalty, generosity and great affection will last a lifetime. With boundless energy and a good nature, it seems as if a smile almost always plays across their face. This enthusiasm to embrace life and keenness to help others makes The Dogs truly committed to those they work with and live with, their company and family. The Dogs will never let anyone down, a quality The Dogs can appreciate in every Davidoff cigar.

Taste description and blend details

davidoff cigars yod
The impressive Gran Churchill format, wrapped in a chocolate brown Ecuadorian ‘Habano’ wrapper, develops a charming creaminess at the beginning that is soon followed by a little spicy twist coming from Nicaraguan Estelí Seco tobacco in the filler. Inspired by the Year of the Snake blend, the Davidoff Year of Dog cigar continues to charm with light, peppery, wooden and nutty flavors, and additional notes of caramel.

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador Claro (Ecuador)
Binder: San Vicente Seco (Dominican Republic)
Filler: San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Visus, Piloto Seco (Dominican Republic) and Estelí Seco (Nicaragua)
Format: Gran Churchill 7 x 50
Aroma: Creamy, sweet and spicy
MSRP per cigar: $39.00

First third: Sweet flavors at the start, semi-sweet chocolate with some stimulation of spice. Sweet dark fruit notes similar to raisins also become apparent.

Second third: Aroma becomes sweet and nutty. Sweet cedar notes are more apparent with spice having a more dominant presence. Dark fruit and leather take over sensation in retro-hale along with hints of licorice.

Final Third: Cocoa powder and spiced wood characteristics. Dark fruit flavors remain, richness continues on, and some salty stimulation develops. Strength remains medium, with dominant woody, chocolate and cinnamon spice attributes.

The Year of the Dog Travel Humidor 

davidoff cigars yod travel humidor
This Year of the Dog Travel Humidor has been developed with the goal of meeting the needs of cigar aficionados looking to travel with their prized possessions in style. This must-have accessory offers a refined, practical, and protective solution for aficionados on the move. Thanks to the durable and lightweight textiles that are used, this high-performance travel humidor weighs less than 700 g.

The removable innovative tray – with a capacity of eight cigars and adapted for both large and small cigars – is specially crafted with high fabric waves to prevent the cigars from being crushed, and a soft fabric to preserve the cigar wrappers. All the materials are welded together to maintain the ideal humidity level inside the humidor. The most innovative sealing properties were employed in the design, with strong magnets and multi-layer construction using laminated fabric, as these are essential for achieving a tight seal with no stitching.

When closing the bag, the snap sound made by the magnets and the air-filled “cushion” effect ensure the best-ever protection for cigars. Thanks to the Davidoff humidification system, which releases humidity slowly and evenly, the cigars can be kept for approximately three weeks in the Davidoff Travel Humidor. The color-coded hygrometer on the humidification system facilitates quick and easy checking of the humidity level. Made in Italy, this Limited and numbered Year of the Dog Edition Travel Humidor comes in a rich, dark red perforated leather flap, and an elegant beige fabric with a dedicated insert pocket to hold the Davidoff Year of the Dog Duocut Punch Cutter. Only 200 pieces are available worldwide.
MSRP: $350.00

The Year of the Dog Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter 

davidoff cigars yod duocut punches
Crafted with precision in Germany from high-grade stainless steel, the Year of the Dog Duocut Double Blade Punch Cutter combines craftsmanship and high performance. Discreet, travel-friendly, and robust, it is available in an elegant gold satin finish with a leather key holder that can be easily attached to the Davidoff Year of the Dog Travel Humidor, and is made in the same rich leather as the Travel Humidor.

By twisting the tip of the cutter to the right, the large blade will cut the cigars in ring gauges (RG) from 50 to 70. By twisting it to the left, the smaller blade will fit any cigar ring gauge from 40 to 50 (RG). With one single movement it is possible to access both blades while holding the cigar in the other hand.
MSRP: $230.00

Launch and availability

The Davidoff Year of the Dog Limited Edition cigars are already launched on the US market, and will be available for wider release at selected merchants in November 2017 together with the exclusive Year of the Dog accessories.

Outside the US, the products will be launched worldwide at Davidoff Depositaries and Davidoff Flagship Stores as of January 2018. Only 9000 Year of the Dog cigar boxes are available worldwide.

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Credits: © Oettinger Davidoff AG

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