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Davidoff Cigars continues its highly limited program of Exclusive Editions which are created in collaboration with top retail and distribution partners. Handmade by Davidoff Master Blenders, these premium cigar editions delight a few select aficionados with a truly unique cigar experience.

“Davidoff Exclusives are extremely popular among our partners as this program allows them to offer aficionados exclusive, custom-made blends catering to the local taste preferences, and presented in beautiful personalized boxes,” says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG. “Our master blenders are pushing the boundaries of taste every year and manage to develop new and exciting blends every time. This year is no exception and we are sure aficionados will be delighted by our 2019 Exclusives cigar selection.”

The Exclusive Cigars

The Davidoff Exclusive 2019 cigars offer a range from medium to full bodied blends depending on the individual edition.

The cigars come in a robusto 5 x 52 format and are all complex multi-origin blends with tobaccos from Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The blends will please the palate of aficionados around the globe with a wide array of rich flavors and aromas.

The Nine Exclusive Editions released in 2019
Davidoff Exclusive Dubai
   Davidoff Exclusives 2019 dubai

Availability: 400 boxes in Dubai travel retail and domestic only

Davidoff Exclusive Hong Kong

Davidoff Exclusives 2019 hong kong

Availability: 600 boxes in Hong Kong travel retail and domestic only

Davidoff Exclusive Barcelona

Davidoff Exclusives 2019 barcelona

Availability: 300 boxes in Barcelona, Spain domestic only

Davidoff Exclusive Madrid

Davidoff Exclusives 2019 madrid

Availability: 300 boxes in Madrid, Spain domestic only

Davidoff Exclusive Winzer Selektion

Davidoff Exclusives 2019 oster

Availability: 300 boxes in Austria domestic only

Davidoff Exclusive The China Whisky Association

Davidoff Exclusives 2019 china

Availability: 300 boxes Asia domestic only

Davidoff *****Ambassador Exclusive

Davidoff Exclusives 2019 journal

Availability: 500 boxes in Germany domestic at Davidoff Ambassador accounts only

Davidoff Exclusive Maxamar Cigars – White Knight Edition

Davidoff Exclusives 2019

Availability: 400 boxes at Maxamar Cigars, USA only

Davidoff Exclusive The Tobacconist of Greenwich – JGL 45 Years

Davidoff Exclusives 2019

Availability: 300 boxes at The Tobaccos of Greenwich, USA only

The elegant, bespoke Davidoff Exclusive Editions are presented in beautiful white lacquered boxes which are individually adorned with gold foil designs and contain 10 robusto cigars each.

The design executions range from store identifiers to iconic geographic landmarks relevant to the partner and its hometown or country. To further individualize the Exclusive Editions, the cigars are presented with a second ring customized to the partner.


The highly acclaimed Davidoff Exclusive Editions 2019 will be launched from April 2019 in the countries mentioned above at select Davidoff Appointed Merchants and Flagship stores and offered only in limited quantities.

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