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Colibri’s about to shake up the world of lighters with their impressive new release, Colibri Boss. The Boss is billed as the world’s first triple-flame cigar lighter. It features a swing-out, double guillotine cigar cutter, making it even more of a must-have. This lighter-cutter-in-one accessory is just another addition to Colibri’s great line of similar accessories the company has been releasing since 1990. It features an integrated dual blade cigar cutter that swings out from the back of the lighter and a pyramidal jet flame system that has a robust wall of fire.

The lighter’s design is just as impressive as the cigar’s features. The angles and chamfers in the body’s design give it a stunning appearance that also creates a more ergonomic shape, making it easier to grip and handle. The air intake vents increase the air flow, helping the premixing of air and fuel within the burner that also improves the lighter’s high altitude performance.

Colibri Boss will be available in four finishes: metallic black and matte black; metallic silver and matte black; brilliant red and matte black; brilliant blue and matte black. Expect to see this product in stores beginning in November. It has a MSRP of $150.

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