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Joya de Nicaragua’s Número Uno Le Premier was a cigar first released in July 2020. Released a limited edition, this cigar is part of Joya’s Obras Maestras series, Número Uno is one of the company’s ultra-premium cigars. Número Uno Le Premier was released exclusively to brick and mortar Drew Diplomat retailers and to some international tobacconists as well.

Número Uno Le Premier features a silky and delicate Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers. It’s a medium-bodied smoke that’s refined and complex and preferred by many for its creaminess. Cigars & Leisure rates cigars on the following criteria: appearance, taste, aroma, burn and overall impression.

Le Premier scored high among our reviewers who are all everyday cigar enthusiasts. This particular review group consisted of two women and two males, some of which were experienced smokers and others who were new to the lifestyle. Across the board, Número Uno Le Premier received top scores in the category of appearance and taste; the reviewers had some issue with the burn and differing opinions of Número Uno Le Premier’s aroma. Overall, this cigar received a resounding positive overall score from our reviewers.

While the numeric rating is impressive, when asked if this was a cigar these smokers would buy again, 3/4 responded yes and would pay on average between $15-$18 for this cigar. The actual price of Número Uno Le Premier is $16.60 per stick.

Here are some additional notes on what our reviewers had to say about this cigar.

Número Uno Le Premier

Número Uno Le Premier (Joya de Nicaragua):

Tasting Notes –
On the Tongue: Sweet, creamy
Flavors: Dry fruit, hay/straw, cedar/oak, caramel, nuts

Reviewer 1: “This cigar most definitely has wonderful aesthetics. First quarter, the burn was a a little uneven because I started smoking it outdoors while there was a little wind, but as soon as I went indoors it evened-out.

“The wrapper was evenly silky, the aroma was very sophisticated and clean. I loved the cedar aroma and flavor profile it projected the entire time. My favorite part of this cigar was when I finished smoking it, it did not linger or leave an after taste. It made me want to continue smoking. This cigar took me 1 1/2 hours to smoke. It was definitely a cigar I would purchase again and I believe it’s box worthy.”

Reviewer 2: “From beginning to end, well balanced. The earthiness and dry hay had my palate wanting more. Smoked for 2 hours and 20 minutes.”

Reviewer 3: “This was an excellent smoke from start to finish. Very creamy, smooth and mild. Started off great and only got better.”

Buy Again: 3/4 would buy this cigar again

Final Rating: 93

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