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Tabernacle Havana Seed Shipping Now!

Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 cigar news

The highly anticipated Tabernacle Havana Seen CT #142 from Foundation Cigars began shipping this week and will arrive in your local shop soon!

The Havana Seed CT has been evolving in the Connecticut River Valley for well over 100 years. Nicholas Melillo, president and master blender, has been working with farmers in the valley since 2014 to help optimize the plant’s overall health while maintaining the seeds unbelievable flavor characteristics. The culmination of these efforts involved combining the seed with Havana Seed #38 and Havana Seed #1207, also known as Page-Comstock. The end result is Havana #142.

“While the leaf is incredibly oily and full flavored, the leaf itself is quite thin, making for an extended fermentation process, and at lower heat,” says Melillo. “The tobacco has been curing for almost 3 years in Nicaragua under the watchful eyes of Abdel Fernandez and myself. The tediousness involved in developing Havana Seed CT #142 is well worth it, as the leaf is incredibly flavorful and unlike any other tobacco in the world.”

Tabernacle Havana Seed CT #142 cigar news

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Drew Estate Now Shipping 4 x 32 Tin Collection

drew estate tins cigar news (1)

Drew Estate announces today that the newest additions to the 4 x 32 Tin Collection along with 4 varieties of custom displays are now shipping nationwide. From this day forward, all Drew Estate Tins will feature Boveda Active Humidification inside the individual packaging to allow for placement anywhere in the retail environment. This will ensure optimum product freshness and a significantly longer shelf life outside the retail humidor.

The following 4 x 32 tins are now shipping with Boveda to retailers:

  • Deadwood Sweet Jane (4 x 32) MSRP: $90 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $18 per tin
  • La Vieja Habana Maduro Bomberito (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • La Vieja Habana Shade Bomberito (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • La Vieja Habana Habano Bomberito (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • Isla del Sol Sun Grown Breve (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • Isla del Sol Maduro Breve (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • Ambrosia Clove Tikis (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang Sweet Ponies (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin

These additional 4 x 32 tins will be shipping with Boveda to retailers later in January:

  • Undercrown Sun Grown Coronets (4  x 32) MSRP: $90 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $18 per tin
  • Kentucky Fire Cured Swamp Thang Ponies (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin

The Joya de Nicaragua tins will be shipping with Boveda to retailers in March:

drew estate tins cigar news (1)

  • JOYA Red (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • JOYA Black (4 x 32) MSRP: $65 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $13 per tin
  • Joya de Nicaragua Antano (4 x 32) MSRP: $90 / 50ct sleeve, MSRP: $18 per tin

The Drew Estate 4 x 32 Tin Collection now includes: Acid Krush Classic Blue, Gold, Morado, Red and Candela, Liga Privada No.9 and T52, Tabak Especial Dulce and Negra, Undercrown Maduro, Shade and Sun Grown, Deadwood Sweet Jane, Ambrosia Clove Tikis, Isla del Sol Sun Grown and Maduro, Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970, Joya Red and Black, Kentucky Fire Cured Ponies, Sweet Ponies, Swamp and Swamp Sweets, Larutan Dirties, La Vieja Habana Habano, Maduro and Connecticut Shade.

“The Drew Estate 4 x 32 Tin Collection was designed to transcend the entire DE brand portfolio into the quick and easy, fast smoke space.,” says Jonathan Drew, president of Drew Estate. “This three-step process includes reaching all taste palates through our wide variety of brands. Merchandising the collection in all premium cigar shops across the world in an easily ‘Drew’ recognizable fashion; and keeping the product so fresh and clean, with an important nod to tradition. Our water tower concept is our 21st-century expression of the iconic cigar store Indian. The entire program is Mega Magnifico.”

In addition, Drew Estate is shipping a variety of merchandising display options tailored to retailer store size to showcase the tin collection both inside and outside the humidor including:

drew estate tins cigar news (1)

  • Half Water Tower Display – Holds 18 sleeves with additional underneath storage
  • Manhole Cover Display – Holds 24 sleeves
  • Counter top Water Tower Display – Holds 8 sleeves
  • Wire Rack Display – Holds 4 sleeves

BLTC Deliverance Nocturne and Porcelain Begin Shipping

Deliverance black label trading cigar news

Black Label Trading Company (BLTC) is pleased to announce they are shipping Deliverance Nocturne and Porcelain to select retailers this month. The Nocturne and Porcelain are handcrafted at BLTC’s factory; Fabrica Oveja Negra in Esteli, Nicaragua.

“This is the 4th release of Deliverance Nocturne,” says James Brown, creator of BLTC and partner at Fabrica Oveja Negra. “The Nocturne highlights everything I love about Pennsylvania Broadleaf; the rich, complex and bold earthiness of the wrapper highlights the unique blend of this cigar. We are also releasing the Deliverance Porcelain featuring a Connecticut wrapper. The Porcelain has a different profile from what you might expect.  This is a Connecticut that is geared towards our consumers.”

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaragua and Pennsylvania
Perfecto – 5 x 56 (20-count) MSRP $10.50
Short Salomon “Snub Nose” – 4 3/4 x 40 x 56 (18-count) MSRP $10.50

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano
Filler: Nicaragua and Pennsylvania
Corona Gorda – 5 1/2 x 48 (16-count) MSRP $10.00

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Montecristo to Host Art Basel Event in Miami

montecristo art basel event cigar news

Montecristo, maker of world renowned premium cigars, will host an exclusive Montecristo Art Basel event in South Florida’s most popular pop-up event space: The Wharf Miami. The event “Montecristo Marina” hosted by the Montecristo Social Club will combine live art, fine spirits, music, networking and Montecristo cigars while overlooking the Miami River. The event takes place on Saturday December 8, 2018 at 7PM. The Wharf Miami is located at 114 SW North River Drive. Miami, Fl. 33130.

Montecristo Marina will serve as a celebration of art and its relationship to the artisan virtues of the handmade premium cigar. The Montecristo Epic cigar will serve as the subject. This highly rated super-premium cigar is valued for its artisan quality; each box is inspected and signed by the artisan to ensure its quality. The centerpiece of the event will be the auction of a one-of-a-kind Montecristo Icon humidor, which will be hand-painted on site during the event by acclaimed artist Ruben Trespalacios.

Trespalacios, who will be visiting the festivities from his home country of Colombia, is known for his flair and use of vibrant colors. His abstract style projects energy, positivity, and happiness which catapulted his career beginning in 2014. He was chosen specifically by the Montecristo team for this special live art event.

“The art of handmade premium cigar making,” says Rob Norris, President of Altadis U.S.A. Premium Cigar Division, maker of Montecristo, “is a time-honored tradition that dates back many generations. We are excited to celebrate this art form during Art Basel, which has become the epicenter of the Arts in the Americas. Along with Tabacalera USA’s CEO Javier Estades, Head of Product Capability Rafael Nodal, and the rest of the Montecristo team, we look forward to attending and celebrating this special event.”

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Weyerbacher Announces Release of Insanity

insanity cigar news weyerbacher

On Friday, December 7th, Weyerbacher Brewing will be releasing Insanity, a barley wine aged on oak. This perennial fan favorite was postponed earlier this year with an expected release in early 2019.

Insanity is Weyerbacher’s Blithering Idiot aged on oak. The aging imparts an additional level of complexity to the already intense malt profile of Blithering Idiot by adding a combination of vanilla and oak notes.

Available in 12 ounce bottles and on draft, Insanity will be released to the public on Friday, December 7th at The Tap Room at Weyerbacher Brewing beginning at 12 p.m. Jester’s Court members can pick up Insanity at The Tap Room beginning on Tuesday, December 4th at noon. Insanity will also be available throughout their distribution area.

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…and for something completely different:

Celebrate New Year’s Twice in Sydney and LA

cigar news Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks

  • PrivateFly Offers the Ultimate New Year’s Eve Private Jet Party with a Midnight Celebration in Both Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California

PrivateFly, the foremost global booking platform for private jet charter, presents the ultimate New Year’s Eve itinerary that transports guests back in time to celebrate the new year twice. The world rotates at 1,038 miles per hour and the time change between Sydney and Los Angeles is 19 hours, thus with a long-range private jet and careful scheduling, dedicated party goers can enjoy a full evening of celebrations at both prime party destinations with PrivateFly’s New Year’s Eve Twice package.

“The ultimate way to welcome 2019 is by private jet! PrivateFly has carefully done the math so guests with the stamina and budget can witness 2019 twice,” said PrivateFly CEO Adam Twidell. “The 13 1/2-hour flight time in a Gulfstream G550 combined with the 19-hour time difference between Sydney and Los Angeles allow guests to replay 5 1/2 hours of precious party time.”

The Gulfstream G550 is the perfect party aircraft, offering a sleek and spacious interior configuration, plush seating and a state-of-the-art entertainment system. In addition to the jet’s aesthetic, the G550 has the speed capability to accommodate the quick trip through time. While this jet can hold up to 15 passengers, only eight can be aboard for the New Year’s Eve Twice Travel Itinerary to achieve the fastest travel time that the jet can deliver.

During the long flight, guests can continue the celebrations with their choice of two in-flight amenity packages, The VIP Wellness and The Festive Flight package.

The VIP Wellness package is designed to relax and recharge passengers with a cabin prepared for optimal rest with customized lighting and temperature controls, luxury bedding, designer pajamas and slippers, luxury skincare and masks, detox juices and a healthy catering menu.

The Festive Flight package is for those looking to continue the party at 45,000 feet. Guests are invited to take advantage of the aircraft’s high-spec music and entertainment systems by creating an ultimate playlist for the flight. Additionally, this package features New Year’s Eve decorations, a decadent in-flight catering menu featuring caviar, cuvée champagne, and made-to-order dishes such as fresh lobster and lamb tartar.

cigar news Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks 1

New Year’s Twice Travel Itinerary:

  • December 31, 2018 at 20:00 – Enjoy the first New Year’s Eve party destination on the ground in Sydney, Australia at one of the city’s glamorous nightspots or VIP parties.
  • January 1, 2019 at 12:00 – Welcome 2019 in Sydney, Australia a view of the famous midnight fireworks display over the harbor
  • January 1, 2019 at 2:00 – Depart Sydney Kingsford Smith airport which is open 24-hours for private jets in a Gulfstream G550
  • December 31, 2018 at 20:30 – Arrive in Los Angeles ready to party all over again
  • January 1, 2019 at 12:00 – Welcome 2019, again, in Los Angeles, California

The flight cost for the aircraft charter is $255,500 from Sydney to Los Angeles (one-way), or starts at $31,950 per person, if a group of 8 passengers’ book and travel as a group.

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