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Nat Sherman family photo 85th anniversaryWhat makes a good cigar? Is it the type of tobacco used in the blend, or the filler? Is it how long the cigar has spent aging in a humidor, or how you cut it? Any cigar enthusiast can tell you the quality of the cigar can’t be attributed to the technical specifications, but rather the company shared while enjoying said cigar. One family has been sharing its love of cigars with other cigar smokers for over eight decades now: Nat Sherman. This year, the New York City-born Nat Sherman tobacconist is celebrating its 85th anniversary.

It was in 1930, in the midst of the Great Depression, when Nat Sherman opened his first tobacco store. It didn’t take long for Sherman to launch his first line of self-titled cigars. Sherman teamed up with Charles Baer, owner of the Epoca Cigar Factory, at the start of the decade to launch a retail tobacco store located at 1400 Broadway in the heart of New York City’s Garment District. Sherman wanted to turn the company into a family venture and soon bought Baer out, turning the company into a family-owned and -operated business. Through World War II, Sherman expanded and grew the business in the following decades. Even as Sherman himself grew older, the family stepped in and kept the business going, pushing the Nat Sherman brand onward toward the future.

Like any family, Nat Sherman has faced its share of challenges and has had its ups and downs, but it’s endured and thrived through the years. Its secret to success? It’s more than just a brand—it’s a family tradition. Since its humble beginnings in 1930, Nat Sherman has always been a family-owned and -operated company, and the family has always come first. Today, the company is led by Joel Sherman and his three children, the third generation of Shermans: William, Michele, and Larry. While Nat Sherman has become a sought-after brand for those seeking quality premium cigars, it’s the family’s passion for serving its customers and business partners that has kept this cigar brand on top for so many years.

Nat Sherman 85th anniversary cigar“Without the support, love and commitment of our devoted staff and faithful customers, we would not be celebrating such an incredible milestone,” said president and CEO Joel Sherman. “As we look toward our company’s bright future, I’m incredibly honored and privileged to see my father’s vision realized. It is with an overwhelming sense of pride that we witness Nat Sherman celebrated not only within the tobacco industry, but as a treasured part of New York City’s past and present.”

The company’s mission statement outlines Nat Sherman’s personalized, family-centric view on business. You’ll be hard pressed to find monetary goals outlined in its business plan, bur rather its commitment to serving its customers and instilling family values into its employees and business. With goals like, “To be proud and respectful of our company, customers, products—and ourselves,” “To be honorable in all our dealings,” and “To continually educate ourselves about our craft and profession,” Nat Sherman can easily be viewed more as a lifestyle than a business.

To mark its 85th anniversary, the company has created a limited-edition cigar to commemorate the occasion. Only 2,000 boxes of the 85th Anniversary cigar will be produced. The cigars will be packaged in boxes of 10, priced at $190 per box, before taxes. Nat Sherman has also been hosting numerous intimate dinners across the country this year in conjunction with authorized Nat Sherman tobacconists.

The next time you’re in New York City, stop by The Nat Sherman Townhouse, located on iconic 42nd Street, where you can enjoy a cigar from the store’s private humidor or spend your leisure time in its premium lounge. Join in the family tradition and toast to the timeless brand that is Nat Sherman. Here’s to many more decades of continuing the family tradition.

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