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mead tasting honeygirl meadery

The Rise of Mead

Honeygirl Meadery When you hear the word “mead,” it may conjure up images of knights sitting in a dimly lit tavern guzzling beverages in animal

Mykonos Spritz drink with sword in the drink

Say It With A Spritz

The Spritz has made a strong comeback and Mediterranean dining destination, Villa Azur in Miami, is way ahead of the demand by introducing four new spritz cocktails. Take a

Fabio Vivani wine and glass

Fabio Viviani’s Wine Collection

Fabio Viviani’s life has revolved around wine. He started drinking wine with his family when he was a bit younger than the drinking age in

National Drink Wine Day

Did you know that today’s a holiday? For the uninformed, February 18 is National Drink Wine Day. From the official National Drink Wine Day website,

Mosaic Wine Lounge ad

Where to Drink: Mosaic Wine Lounge

Here at Cigars & Leisure we’re always seeking out new places to relax and unwind and when we asked around for such a place in