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bottles of tequila including Don Julio and Cabo Wabo

Happy National Tequila Day!

Today (July 24) is national tequila day and we believe you need to celebrate holidays appropriately. This means to make a mean, refreshing cocktail. Here’s

Spring Cocktails for Patio Parties

Spring has finally sprung, and with the promise of longer days, warmer weather and abundant sunshine comes the opportunity to dig that shovel out of

best bitter drinks mixology monday

Mixology Monday: Best Drinks with Bitters

Feeling a Little Bitter Dating back to 7000 B.C. China, bitters have been a tremendous complement to many alcoholic beverages, adding complexity to cocktails as

Ron Barcelo/Sweet Liberty music and cocktails mashup

Music and Cocktails Mashup

Predicting the “summer jams” is a seasonal rite of passage, but equally important is determining what drinks will be your jam. To help with your

umbrella drinks mixology

Mixology: 3 Recipes with Little Umbrellas

I am man enough to declare that I love drinks with the little umbrellas in them. Now, granted, pretty much the only time I drink

Jimidores working the agave field

Choosing the Right Tequila

In life, we often start purchasing what we can most readily afford before graduating up and spending more on what should thusly be a better

Mixology Envy tequila drink with cigar

3 Tequila Recipes for Warm Summer Days

Tequila is a magnificent spirit because it can be sipped neat like bourbon and scotch, but, like rum and vodka, it also blends wonderfully into

Maestro Dobel Silver Orange Margarita

Maestro Dobel Silver Orange Margarita

Cinco de Mayo gives everyone a great excuse to celebrate all day long and we’ve got the perfect margarita that’ll help mark the special occasion.

Maestro Dobel tequila bottle and drink

Spring Cocktails By Maestro Dobel Tequila

Perfect for spring, these Maestro Dobel Tequila cocktails offer a great balance of bright fruit juices and distinctive notes. Here are two for you to