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Davidoff Year of the Ox Masterpiece Pipe

Davidoff Year of the Ox Masterpiece Pipe Revealed

Pipe smokers have reason to celebrate. Davidoff Cigars is celebrating the Chinese New Year with the release of its Year fo the Ox Masterpiece Pipe.

Warped and Cornell & Diehl's Pipe Tobacco Collaboration Returns

Warped and Cornell & Diehl’s Pipe Tobacco Collaboration Returns

Warped is known for its cigars but it is also starting to make a name for itself in the world of pipe tobacco. Warped Cigars’

Irwin Heinemann | Pipemaker

The Unwritten Rules of Pipemaking

It’s a chilly 32 degrees Fahrenheit in early December as Dirk Heinemann walks the short distance from the bus stop to his great-great-grandfather’s farm northeast

Scott Thile | Pipedia | Pipemaker

Scott Thile Embraces the Creative Life

Music and pipe smoke have intertwined in an evanescent warp and weft that created the tapestry of Scott Thile’s life. He is esteemed in the

Women: important players in the pipe world

Women: Important Players in the Pipe World

Throughout most of modern history, women around the world—particularly in the Western world—have taken up leisure pipe smoking, and there are graceful, stylish pipes made

rookie pipe smoker

Tips for A Rookie Pipe Smoker

I can trace my love of tobacco back to when I was 3 years old, just starting to grow up in a quiet corner of

Baron Ambrosia photographed by Rose Callahan at his home on July 30, 2015

Baron Ambrosia: The Pipe Evangelist

Standing at 6-foot-1 without taking his hair into account, broad-backed with a generous surplus of muscles, eyes possessed of the pure giddy light of a

Pipe Tobacco

Pipe Tobacco Crash Course

As with fine wines, the creation of pipe blends depends on the use of many varietals. Here’s a primer on the most prominent tobaccos used

fk kirsten pipes 3

FK Kirsten Pipes

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing videos from cigar manufacturers talking about their new products at IPCPR 2017. Today, we’re featuring Stacy Thrasher, of FK Kirsten Pipes, as she

Missouri Meerschaum Corncob Pipes lined up

Missouri Meerschaum’s Corncob Pipes

Corncob pipes may seem like something only Frosty the Snowman would enjoy, but for one company, it’s a craft that is enjoyed year-round. Missouri Meerschaum