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gwar jizmak

One on One with JiZMak of GWAR

Eons ago, there existed an elite group of chaos warriors who ravaged the galaxy with a boundless hatred of all things alive. They were called

Hank Williams Jr

Interview with Hank Williams Jr.

The Country Boy Did Survive When it comes to Southern icons (in no specific order), you have Lynyrd Skynyrd, grits, college football, and Hank Williams

warped tour August Burns Red

Vans Warped Tour: The Final Tour

“It’s sad, like my childhood is ending,” a guy told me right before he jumped into a mosh pit. This was the general feel at

iDKHOW's Dallon Weekes

An Interview with Dallon Weekes of iDKHOW

Aside from being their band name, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME (iDKHOW) might also have been what bandmates Dallon Weekes and Ryan

greta van fleet concert review

Concert Review: Greta Van Fleet

March of the Peaceful Army Tour From the moment Greta Van Fleet (GVF) took the stage, I was left marveling throughout the entire show how

epicenter festival

What Happened at Epicenter Festival?

I had just picked up my media credentials for the inaugural Epicenter Festival and was looking forward to an evening of hard rock featuring Korn

Music tours summer 2019 keith richards

10 Tours We’re Most Excited For

Spring is the perfect time to prepare your calendar (and your wallet) for all the summer music tours, and 2019 is shaping up to be

Epicenter music festival north carolina

All the Info You Need on Epicenter Festival

Check out our feature on how Epicenter went here. It was a doozy of a weekend.  We love music festivals here at Cigars & Leisure

Greta Van Fleet from the fires review

Interview with Greta Van Fleet

“It’s the best rock ’n‘ roll I’ve heard in 20 fucking years.” –Sir Elton John “I have seen and heard the saviors of rock ’n’ roll, and

I Prevail trauma album review

I Prevail “Trauma” Review

I Prevail Trauma Release Date: March 29, 2019 Fearless Records I’ll begin this review by prefacing that I’ve been an I Prevail fan since their