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The Alternative 2020 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

The Alternative 2020 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

It’s a holiday season like no other. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the 2020 gift-buying season is a challenge for many reasons. Supply chain

Davidoff 2020 Holiday Season Gift Guide

Davidoff’s 2020 Holiday Season Gifts

It’s the holiday season once again and if you’re in search for the perfect gift for the cigar smoker in your life, look no further | Dave Imber

Cigars on High

– The following advertorial was contributed by Dave Imber, vice president of As I write this I’m 32,000 feet in the air and en

BMW R 18 Cruiser

First Look: BMW R 18 Cruiser

2020 has been full of some not-so-great moments but there has been a few developments worth getting excited about. The new BMW R 18 Cruiser

5 Sun Grown Cigars to Smoke Today

Five Sun Grown Cigars to Smoke Today

A cigar smoker recently posed the question, “What is sun grown tobacco? Isn’t all tobacco grown in the sun?” The answer to that question is

FDA Premium Cigar Regulation

Court Sides with Premium Cigars in Case Against FDA

If you’re a cigar enthusiast and smoker, you’re going to want to hear this news–a recent court ruling has blocked the U.S. Food and Drug

Nat Sherman: A 90 Year Legacy

Nat Sherman: A 90 Year Legacy

After more than 90 years in business, Nat Sherman has announced that it will be shutting down permanently. The Nat Sherman name and brand is

Indiana Ortez

Q&A: Cigar Blender Indiana Ortez

In just a few short years, Indiana Ortez has emerged as a bright new voice and personality in the cigar industry. On Instagram she can

Cigar Tins | Deadwood Sweet Jane

5 Cigar Tin Products to Smoke on the Go

When is the last time you purchased a tin of cigars? You read that right–tin, not box. Cigar tins are a popular option for the