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procigar recap

The Story of Cigar Family Charitable Foundation

The tobacco industry is facing opposition from all sides. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is regulating the cigar industry to such extreme lengths

procigar recap day three

Procigar Festival Recap 2019

The Procigar Festival is honestly one of my favorite weeks of the year. It’s five days of smoking the best cigars the Dominican Republic has

procigar recap day five

ProCigar Recap: Day 5

Well, it’s the final day and I’m so sad it’s over. ProCigar is such a wonderful week celebrating all that the industry, specifically Dominican cigars,

procigar recap day four

ProCigar Recap: Day 4

Day four consisted of a journey over to General Cigar factory and specifically to learn about the upcoming release from La Gloria Cubana. It was

procigar recap day two

ProCigar Recap: Day 2

Day two was hard to start after the previous evening’s celebration of Tabacalera de Garcia’s 50th anniversary. To say I was sluggish getting going is

procigar recap day three

ProCigar Recap: Day 3

It’s an understatement to say that being at ProCigar makes you ridiculously tired, but it’s a good tired from experiencing full days. Today I went

procigar recap day one

ProCigar Recap: Day 1

It’s finally here. The festival that cigar lovers look forward to all year has arrived. My day zero photo recap may be a little scant

touring ron barcelo

Touring Ron Barcelo’s Distillery

Happiness is A Barrel of Rum Sitting at a long, wooden bar I stare longingly and silently into my glass of rum. I squint, I

guide to tobacco Tour tabacalera

Guide to Tobacco Tours

One of the best aspects of the Procigar Festival is getting to visit a different cigar factory every day. Some of the many choices include

guide to procigar ProCigar

Guide to ProCigar Festival 2019

Welcome to the Dominican Republic It’s calling to you. A week on one of the most beautiful islands on earth, surrounded by good friends, smoking