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Wrapper: African Cameroon
Origin: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Strength: Medium-Full
Manufacturer: Castañeda Cigars

These days, it’s a challenge to find something that’s on a premium level that’s available at an affordable price. That’s what makes this week’s featured cigar a real winner. Considering this cigar comes from the same cigar pros at La Aurora, you know this is bound to be a memorable smoke. Castañeda Cameroon is a high-end, premium, top-quality cigar sold at an affordable price. Expect a smooth smoke due to the aged Dominican Republic tobaccos used. The Cameroon wrapper adds a nice touch of spice, zest and leather to this cigar’s flavor profile. The strength of this cigar is more on the medium side than it is full, so it’ll be great for the seasoned cigar enthusiast who’s looking for a punch but doesn’t want to be blown over by a full-bodied smoke.

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