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AVO Cigars’ next release will have you ready to kick back and smoke on an island in the Caribbean. The AVO Syncro Caribe is the fourth line in the AVO Syncro series and will be made available in three different sizes–Robusto, Toro and Special Toro–in 20-count boxes.

“The AVO Syncro series is centered around the concept of tobacco synchronization. This is an incorporation of the diversity, complexity and compatibility of selected tobaccos from varying regions,” states Lana Fraser, Director of Marketing and Retail at Davidoff of Geneva USA. “With the newest addition of the AVO Syncro Caribe, we strive to deliver new frontiers in cigar experiences.”

There are heavy Caribbean influences woven throughout the AVO Syncro Caribe blend and brand. To create this blend, AVO’s blenders used a process it calls “Natural Distribution” that involves proportions of the tobaccos on any given plant being perfectly matched in the blending process–specifically, the ratios of tobaccos from each priming are matched in the blend in all vitolas.

AVO Syncro Caribe has a Dominican wrapper, a binder grown in Ecuador and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The team at AVO Cigars describes the flavor profile of this cigar as having aromatic spices and complex cocoa that ebbs and flows throughout the smoking of the cigar and that is accompanied by a subtle sweetness that resembles tropical fruits. The band art and boxes are designed to match the tropical flavors, rhythm and lifestyle of the cigar itself, using vibrant and energetic colors that are bound to catch you attention from near or afar. Each AVO Syncro Caribe will sell for $10.90 to $12.90 per cigar. It will begin appearing in stores this August.

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