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CAO Cigars is launching a brand new series called Arcana that will highlight the secret and traditions of old-world tobacco processing methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. These methods have been used to bring out the best in native tobaccos from across the globe and will be explored in this new series of releases.

The first release of the CAO Arcana is Mortal Coil, a single cigar that brings back one of the oldest tobacco fermentation methods known as Andullo. Andullo, a process that originated in the Dominican Republic, produces tobacco through the cultivation and curing of sun grown Habano-seed tobaccos. Instead of using the more traditional methods of bulk fermentation, Andullo tobacco is instead wrapped tightly in handcrafted palm tree pods known as yaguas that are compressed with rope oiled around the pod. This old-world process of fermentation takes approximately two years to complete and turns the tobacco into rough, leathery-looking leaves with a characteristically thick texture and earthy sweetness.

“With the Arcana series, as we did with Amazon Basin and its Bragança leaf, we are once again shining a light on original tobacco fermentation methods to bring excitement to the fans of CAO,” comments Rick Rodriguez, CAO’s blender and brand ambassador. “When it came to developing our first Arcana blend with Mortal Coil, we had the choice to go big or go home and as we always do, we decided to go big. The Andullo leaf in the blend shows the length the team and I are willing to go to deliver a unique taste experience, and it gives us a chance to show once again that CAO is a brand that stays true to its passion for tobacco.”

CAO Mortal Coil is wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf leaf and features a Connecticut Shade binder and filler made with Dominican Andullo that is surrounded by Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Esteli and Dominican Piloto filler tobaccos. CAO Mortal Coil has a deep aroma that brings forth pre-light notes of sweetness and spice. The full-flavored, medium-bodied cigar opens to reveal a nutty and cream flavor profile with earthy sweetness. Mortal Coil is presented as a 6 1/8 x 50 Toro that will be sold for $10.99 per cigar before applicable taxes. It will come in 20-count boxes with only 5,000 boxes being sold in the U.S.

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