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You read that right. Candles can be for men, too. We know your man cave is smelling a little musty from all the cigar smoke, but you can’t very well light a candle named “Summer Breeze” or “Ocean Wave” and still call it a man cave. We have the solution: craft beer-scented candles.

Aviator - Beer is My Friend candle

Brandy Mutchler, owner of Brandy’s Soy Candles, saw this need and filled it. We recently came across her display at the North Carolina Wine and Beer Festival and immediately fell in love with the scents she has created. Barrel-aged coffee stout, coffee porter, hard cider, IPA, winter lager, spiced pear brandy, and Madagascar vanilla bean porter are just a sampling of the more than 70 candle scents she offers.

Each candle is inspired by actual craft beers from around the world and made with American-grown soybeans and essential oils.

 beer scented candles

But why soybeans and not paraffin wax, from which candles are typically made?

“There have been studies that show paraffin candles emit toxic chemicals when burned, while soy does not,” says Mutchler. “The fumes from paraffin candles can potentially cause respiratory problems. Large candle producers such as Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works, however, claim their candles are 100 percent safe. I chose to make mine with all-natural soy wax because I wanted a product I can be proud of, knowing there isn’t anything potentially harmful in my candles.”

blood orange candle beer scented candles

So, not only do Mutchler’s candles smell delicious; they’re safe and made in America, and each 4-ounce candle will burn for at least 30 hours. Soon that dank smell wafting from your man cave will be a distant memory, and believe us, your family will thank you.

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