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We at Cigars & Leisure love beer and will never miss a beer festival that comes within a 3-hour radius to us. Thankfully, we have the second largest craft beer festival in the country coming to our home town of Raleigh, North Carolina this Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28.

This 7th annual, two-day craft beer festival has 116 breweries attending and will bring in over 30,000 beer fans into downtown Raleigh. And here’s one of the best parts, if you go to the Brewgaloo Block Party on Friday night you pay $45 and get to sample as many beers, including sour and barrel aged, as you can possibly stomach in 4 hours.

On Saturday, beer is sold by the pint or the taste, with no admission fee to enter the festival which runs from 2-10 pm. Additionally, there will be over 50 food trucks, dozens of local vendors, and bands.

If you want a taste of what this event will be like, check out our video from attending Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp on Tour, which is similar to Brewgaloo.

If you’re anywhere near Raleigh, or even North Carolina, and you love beer, why the hell would you want to miss this festival?

To learn more, or to buy tickets, visit, and check out their Facebook page

Brewgaloo photobooth

Brewgaloo Block Party

Located in Raleigh’s City Plaza
Friday – April 27, 2018   6-10pm
Breweries, Taster Event
Beers available here that won’t be available on Saturday – featuring sours and barrel aged beers
Food Trucks, DJ, Vendors
One Price to enter


Located on Fayetteville St.
Saturday – April 28, 2018   2-10pm
100+ NC Breweries, Food Trucks, Live Bands, Vendors
By the pint or the taste

Photos from Brewgaloo’s Facebook page. 

Check out the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival!

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