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Balmoral is Royal Agio Cigars’ premium handmade cigar and leading brand. It’s hand-rolled in the family-owned factory in the Dominican Republic. We caught up with CEO Boris Wintermans to talk about Balmoral’s most exclusive line, Añejo XO. It’s the only Balmoral cigar line that bears Boris’ signature.

Balmoral Añejo XO cigars are the result of an intensive blending process with exceptionally aged tobaccos. Let yourself be seduced by notes of cedar wood, cacao, spices, and underlying sweetness. As a follow-up to Royal Agio’s Balmoral Añejo 18 the company created Balmoral Añejo XO. It doesn’t have the 18-year-old wrapper of its predecessor–but the Añejo XO is exclusively made with aged tobacco, filler, binder, and wrapper. The tobacco used to make this cigar is also limited in supply, but the distribution of the cigar is only available to a limited amount of retailers, guaranteeing a steady supply of Añejos. Packaged in 20-count boxes, Añejo XO is available in three sizes: Rothschild Masivo (5 x 55), Torpedo Mk52 (6 1/4 x 52) and Petit Robusto FT (4 1/4 x 48).

“Añejo is about aged tobaccos; this means that we need to have a clear vision about the future,” said Boris Wintermans, CEO of Royal Agio Cigars. “The good thing is that pretty much everyone has liked it. Google ‘Balmoral Añejo XO’ and you’ll find only positive reviews. That, to me, is one of the most important things—people are excited about the Balmoral Añejo”

When asked what this cigar pairs well with, Wintermans responded: “I enjoying pairing an Añejo XO with a particular Taiwanese whiskey called Kavalan, Westvleteren Quadrupel from Belgium, or Lagavulin 16.”

balmoral cigar boxBalmoral Añejo XO details:
Wrapper: Brazilian Sun-grown Arapiraca
Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Brazil

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